Saturday, 5 October 2013

NMEeeeeeh: Sam and the Womp, JLS and Gary Barlow.

Shall we pretend, just for a minute, that I'm still a regular blogger? Shall we?? Here's some new music (eeeeeeh!) in the latest NMEeeeeeh...

Sam and the Womp - Ravo
Available now

Remarkably, it's now been over a year since Sam and the Womp topped the charts with their debut single (the imaginatively named "Bom Bom"), which split people's opinions right down the middle. I hate to describe something as being like Marmite (not because it's an overused cliché, just because I don't think you do either love or hate Marmite. I, for one, could take or leave it), but Bom Bom really was one of those songs you either love or hate. For some people the repetitive brass instrumentals and seemingly nonsensical lyrics ("I drink sixteen pints of rrrrrum and then I go bom bom") were too much to take, but I must admit I absolutely love it.

So you can imagine my delight when I read that the group were releasing their much overdue follow-up single Ravo. Could the world have done without another single from Sam and the Womp? Honestly, yes, but that's not to say the song isn't worth giving a chance.

As is often the case when you get a female vocalist behaving atypically, the group drew a lot of comparisons from journalists to Björk, but the first thing to note about this song is that the singer Bloem de Ligny (who, worringly, is actually 35 years old) sounds exactly like Björk in her delivery of this song. While the lyrics are all about "dancing all night long" which is not something you'd be likely to hear Björk howling about any time soon, there's no denying the influence of Ms. Guðmundsdóttir (thanks, Wikipedia) when you listen to the delivery of "faster, faster...rollercoaster....shockwave, thunder" in the song's chorus.

Meanwhile, the trumpet sounds that made Bom Bom so addictive are back, and they really make the song sound as intriguing as it does. While I'm not suggesting everyone rush out and get a trumpeter in on their pop song (although I'm sure South Shields legend Tommy the Trumpeter- pictured here with Little Mix member Jade Thirlwall- would be happy to lend a hand), for this song it really works and I'd be very excited if I heard this one on a night out.

Listen to Ravo by watching its psychedelic video, which is here:

Inspired by the recent slurry of open letters popstars have decided to start sending to one another (I sent an anything-but-open letter to Canadian lovely Justin Bieber recently. And when I say "letter" I mean "love note with pubes sellotaped to it"), today's ratings will be inspired by Irish wonder Sinéad O'Connor. How many "Irish lovely Sinéad O'Connor"s out of five are we giving to Sam and the Womp's latest offering?

JLS - Billion Lights
Released 10th November

JLS are really, really fit. That much is certain. Let it never be forgotten quite how fit JLS were. Look at them...

Excellent. Without Alexandra..?

Wonderful. Just Aston..?


So anyway, does anyone remember months ago now JLS appeared on Alan Carr together and announced they were splitting up? Oritsé cried and it was very awkward. And then for a long time nothing happened. Well, the sad day has finally arrived and JLS have unveiled what will be their final single, Billion Lights.

Thankfully, rather than upsetting their fans with a goodbye-style ballad for their final single, JLS have taken the opposite approach and reminded everyone what made them so popular in the first place with an electronic-sounding song about living it up for one night only.

The lyrics are nothing special "we ignite the sky, a billion lights tonight", but it's a pretty good song and their voices all sound great. It's a shame they're splitting up, they could easily squeeze another couple of albums out, but I commend them for recognising when their number is up and I think with Billion Lights JLS are going out on a high.

Watch the video, which features an all-star cast of Geri Haliwell and Louis Walsh, here:

Where does it fall on the "Irish lovely Sinéad O'Connor" scale?

There. It falls there. AND FINALLY

Gary Barlow - Let Me Go
Released 17th November

Ladies and gentlemen: the most fun-loving man in pop is back. Yes, Gary "Fun-Loving" Barlow who doesn't take anything seriously and that's why we love him, has decided to have one more spin at the wheel of solo pop stardom. His Take That bandmate Mark Owen reached the dizzying heights of number 29 with his most recent offering The Art of Doing Nothing earlier this year, so it truly is all to play for with our Gazza's new music.

It's obvious Gary isn't going to stop flying his authenticity flag high, the chorus basically sounds like Mumford and Sons and the accompanying lyric video includes all kinds of twee imagery and one of my most loathed Instagram filters over the top of it.

The song is as cheery as you might expect, its opening lyrics describe "a room full of sadness, a broken heart" that can often be found in a relationship that is very slowly dying on its arse, while the harmony-laiden chorus sees him pleading with his lass to "fly high, let me go".

It's actually a surprisingly catchy song, and there is this really great bit in the pre-chorus where he sings "this is going to take a bit of getting used to", which is such an unusual thing to say in a song that I have to take my hat off to Gary Barlow for not just farting out an insta-hit like he has when he's written for other artists in the past.

I've got to admit, I'm by no means a fan of Gary Barlow but I'm pleasantly surprised by Let Me Go. That said, there is a lot of banjo in it so it's not perfect.

Judge for yourself by giving the aforementioned twee lyric video here:

And let's have today's final glimpse at the "Irish lovely Sinéad O'Connor" scale:

Well done, everyone. No shite today.

Shall we have one last look at Marvin from JLS in his underwear?? SHALL WE????



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