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Vince Kidd - Sick Love, feat. Lady Leshurr
Released 4th November

The chances are you don't know who Vince Kidd is. The reason that I do is that two of my good friends watched The Voice UK (meaning they made up roughly 18-20% of its TV audience). Having only watched the "grand" finale, I can safely say that Vince Kidd was the only remotely interesting thing on the entire programme. He actually had something about him.

Unfortunately for Vince he only managed to come fourth in the final (probably because Jessie J picked the most boring song in all of her back catalogue for them to duet to and then kept doing that weird "HUP!" thing when Vince was singing). Well done all concerned.

Vince has bounced back now and has just released the video for his upcoming debut single, entitled Sick Love. It's a song about shagging which is something we can all enjoy (unless you are one of them Jonas Brothers obviously) (except the one who is now married, cos he can have sex whenever he likes, the lucky devil), particularly Vince himself who sounds like he definitely needs a good shagging.

"Dirty. Twisted. Crazy. Nasty...Sick Love", sings Vince in the chorus to the song, which actually puts me in mind of Lady GaGa's The Fame album, but a little bit NAUGHTIER, so well done Vince you've made a good song.

What lets the song down is the rap in the middle, which seems to come from nowhere and literally adds nothing to the song. Other weakness is that the song, while it is good, isn't actually all that sexy. Which is a bit of a letdown when you're singing about giving someone a right good rogering, n'est-ce pas??? Mind you, I'd definitely still let him-- would you not...????

Inspired by the fact Vince Kidd was mentored by Jessie J on the CULTURAL PHENOMENON that was The Voice UK, today's rating scale is the "strange faces pulled by Jessie J in her Domino video". But the question is: how many "strange faces pulled by Jessie J in her Domino video" out of 5 has Vince Kidd managed to score with his debut single..?


Solange - Losing You
Available right this second

It's hard constantly being in the shadow of a sibling, but I imagine it's 10 times as hard when your sister is one of the most recognised faces on the entire planet, and is pretty much acknowledged as one of the most talented women in the music industry. And that's life for Solange Knowles.

Luckily, she's a lady with an ace up her sleeve with her newest single Losing You, which set Twitter gays abuzz yesterday when its music video was unveiled. Musically, it's Pet Shop Boys meets Rihanna, meets Robyn (an unusual but fabulous mix) with mournful lyrics about fearing that she's "losing you for good".

And that's basically it. There isn't a terrible lot to say about the song. Admittedly it's a tiny bit repetitive, but that's not always a bad thing really is it. Here's the video:

It's ironic that with this song about losing someone, Solange is going to be gaining a lot of new fans.

Actually is that ironic or is it just coincidental. Whatever. Here's some Jessie J faces:

Adele - Skyfall
Released 5th October

OK so I'm basing this on a preview clip, the song won't be heard in all of its glory until this Friday. What are you gonna do? Are you gonna sue me? ARE YOU GOING TO SUE ME FOR REVIEWING A CLIP INSTEAD OF A FULL SONG?? OBJECTION!!!!!!!!!!!


So, yeah. Adele has recorded the Bond theme for the upcoming film Skyfall. And it's everything you'd expect Adele doing a Bond theme to be- it's dramatic, it's big-sounding, it's brooding. The one thing it's not, which I think is quite unexpected, is sad. It's not a sad song, it's actually a love song about standing by someone and taking on the world together.

"Let the sky fall, when it crumbles we will stand tall and face it all together", Adele sings, which is a lovely message indeed and a welcome change from her usual schtick of "You have hurt me, now I'm pissed in a taxi rank at 4 in the morning, wanted to dial your number but accidentally called your mam and now I'm crying into my kebab".

It's also a lot more of a traditional Bond theme than more recent efforts from Madonna or Jack White, it seems she's taking it back to the days of Shirley Bassey or Carly Simon with this one, which I definitely approve of because at the end of the day who doesn't love a bit of Diamonds Are Forever??? 

Listen to the Skyfall preview RIGHT HERE:

But how many "strange faces pulled by Jessie J in her Domino video" has the preview merited?

Well there you go. Well done Adele.

That's all

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