Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Well it seems like my new feature NMEeeeeh (short for "new music- eeeeeeh!" for those who didn't know) did OK. So let's do another one, yeah? Here's three brand new tracks that have gone online the last couple of days, along with my completely unqualified opinion.

Ke$ha - Die Young
Released 18th November

I'll admit it, Ke$ha's upcoming second album Warrior has been my most anticipated release of 2012, so  I was very excited when I heard that the Princess Of Trash's upcoming new single Die Young had gone online. The song is everything you'd expect from a Ke$ha comeback single: lyrics including "taking shots" and "magic in our pants". Music-wise it's got a nice guitar riff which actually puts me in mind a little bit of One Direction, while Ke$ha herself talks about making "the most of the night like we're gonna die young".

Of course it's dead catchy and a lot of fun, and the first time I hear this song on a night out then just try and hold me back from the dance floor, bitch. I must admit, though, considering how long Ke$ha's actually been in the studio recording this material, and all the hype she's created with her tweets, I was hoping for a bit more of a step forward with her sound, whereas this could easily have been on either her debut Animal or the follow-up mini-album Cannibal.

Judge for yourself by watching the lyric video here...

Shall we say where it ends up on the "Nick Clegg- I'm sorry" scale..?

Kylie Minogue - Flower
Released 29th October

This new single from everyone's second favourite Minogue sister is the only previously unreleased track on her upcoming The Abbey Road Sessions album, which features orchestral arrangements of some of her most popular hits. So let's be clear here: this album is for fans. It's a different direction for Kylie "La La La, La La, La La, La, La La La, La La, La, La La" Minogue. This is a temporary sound for her on one album, it's certainly no follow-up to mental, what-MDNA-should-have-sounded-like single Timebomb from earlier in the year. 

Having said that, it's not bad. I mean, let's face it, ballads have never been Kylie's strong point because she's not exactly known for her vocal abilities, is she? It's a bit boring, and it's not something I'd be in a desperate rush to ever listen to again. There is a nice bit in the middle where everything drops out except Kylie and some very staccato-sounding strings, which is cool. But aside from that: it's OK. And that's it, really.

Kylie did direct the black-and-white video for the song herself, so well done Kylie. You can catch it for yourself by doing a cheeky scroll down and whacking the play button:

But where does Flower found itself on the Clegg-o-meter..?

Lana Del Rey - Ride
Released 11th November

Disgustingly, this is the first time Lana Del Rey has ever been mentioned on this blog. In case you're wondering how I feel about a woman who made an album featuring the lyric "all my friends tell me I should move on...tell them when you find true love it lives on", I feel very good about her. Lana Del Rey is a frigging icon. A legend. And that is that. So when it was announced she was re-releasing her gorgeous album Born To Die with a shedload of new tracks I felt very good about it indeed.

The first song we're hearing from the "Paradise Edition" of her album is called Ride. A bit like that Ke$ha track, it's more of the same from Lana on this new song, except this time her album wasn't released so long ago that this is an issue. Instead it's Lana playing up to her strengths, doing another moody ballad, begging "don't break me down, I've been traveling too long, I've been trying too hard"  and sounding gorgeous while she does it.

It's once again not a particularly cheery-sounding song, though it's still a far cry from the doom and gloom of previous hits Video Games or Blue Jeans. Listen to it for yourself, accompanied by a photo of Lana having the time of her life on a tyre swing, below:

"I'm tired of feeling fucking crazy", says Lana. Never, says Silly Old Daniel. But what does Nick Clegg think?

That's it for now!

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