Friday, 15 July 2011

The Silly Old Daniel Celebrity Roundup.

Getting back into the swing of blogging was just what I needed, especially since those crazy celebrities are still running around doing things right, left and centre that are just crying out for me to take the piss out of. Buckle up, folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride for another Silly Old Daniel Celebrity Roundup...

1. Cher Lloyd is not the most popular woman in the world.

You may recall that during the turbulent time the world called X Factor 2010 (remember John Adeleye? Of course you don't) I was a massive cheerleader for a plucky young girl named Cher Lloyd. Her enthusiasm and fearlessness was very impressive at the time, and I thoroughly looked forward to hearing her original music when I learned that she, along with finalists Matt Cardle and One Direction had been signed to Simon Cowell's record label.

Well, a few weeks ago her single Swagger Jagger was unleashed onto the general public and like the rest of the world I was a bit perplexed by it. One thing was for certain, and that was that Swagger Jagger was going to split people's opinions right down the middle.

It seems that's exactly what's happened, with Lily Allen taking to her Twitter account to say she "quite likes" the song ("quite likes" is not exactly "loves", though, is it Lily?) while Tom Parker from The Wanted (who I already believed to be a giant prick) has described the song as being "like a nursery rhyme" and that Cher herself is a "furious" young lady.

If you haven't heard the song or seen the video for it (the song itself makes a lot more sense with the video, and kind of gets a bit better with each listen in my opinion) then you are a lucky duck because it is RIGHT HERE:

So far more than 30,000 people have liked the video on YouTube which is great news for Cher, that is until you consider the fact that at the other end of the scale there are almost 80,000 dislikes. Ouch.

Either way, no matter what you think of her, it looks like Cher Lloyd isn't going anywhere for a while...

2. Rihanna, unlike Cher Lloyd, is very popular indeed.

Someone who's getting a lot of "likes" these days is Rihanna who has become the most popular recording artist on Facebook with over 40 million fans on her page.

However, she'd be wise to halt the public celebrations as in order to do so she has had to commit the ultimate sin and overtake Lady GaGa by 20,000 "likes". What will the little monsters say?? LET'S FIND OUT SHALL WE:

Truly frightening.

Meanwhile, in terms of Twitter followers and YouTube views, GaGa continues to reign over competition from the likes of RiRi and Justin Bieber. So monsters can rest easy. FOR NOW.

3. Someone else named Cher has done a thing.

So we all know that Lady GaGa has all these demo recordings scattered all over the Internet that little monsters the world over like to pretend they are special for having uncovered even though all you have to do is type "Lady GaGa demo" into YouTube to find them. As time has plodded along, other artists have taken to recording GaGa's cast-offs. Adam Lambert recorded Fever, Britney Spears recorded Quicksand and now it's Cher's turn.

The megastar is currently working with producer RedOne (who recently got turned down for a recording session with Queen of Pop Madonna) when it was suggested she record the GaGa-penned song The Greatest Thing. Cher revealed this on her Twitter page, where she also insisted the song was not a duet.

Lady GaGa then frustrated me immensely by posting THIS on her own page:

I had my usual "WE 'THE GAYS' ARE NOT INFANTS WHO NEED TO BE CONSTANTLY ENTERTAINED" but actually listening to the song (which I hadn't when I made my hasty judgement") I think it would be inspiring for "the gays" to hear icons across two generations uniting to sing what is actually a really lovely song to them/us. I know the world isn't exactly in need of another "it's good to be yourself" anthem, but as long as there are teenagers there will be misfit teenagers and they are the ones we really need to think about when we're slamming the "obviousness" of songs such as Born This Way and, in this case, The Greatest Thing.

Here's GaGa's demo version of the song; I think GaGa and Cher sharing (or Cher-ing HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA etc.) the vocals of this song would be lovely and the message would be very inspiring. Then again I am quite simple:

The question is, will it be as amazing as this worlds-colliding duet..?

The answer is: probably.

Right that's that then.


  1. I always vote a million times for Brit in polls just because I don't want Gaga to win. I hate her 'little monsters' but I'm just as bad.
    I never liked Cher Lloyd but I wanted her to prove me wrong, she didn't.

  2. I know what you mean about Cher Lloyd I do feel a bit disappointed by Swagger Jagger but thats only cos I was expecting something INCREDIBLE. x