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The Silly Old Daniel Celebrity Roundup.

I bet yous are all gutted that I haven't done a Silly Old Daniel Celebrity Roundup in so long. I appreciate many of you won't have gone outdoors, preferring to sit at home pressing the F5 button until my blog refreshed with a brand new post slagging the biggest news stories of the moment off. Well you're in luck, folks, cos here I am. By the way, while I have your attention, don't forget to listen to Pride Radio online every Sunday 2pm-4pm where I am every bit as bitchy but also play some "decent" songs as well.

I have an exam on Local Government tomorrow which I haven't started revising for yet. So anyway...

1. Poor old Justin Bieber :(

The Billboard Awards took place this week, and it sounds like it wasn't just Britney Spears who made a tit of themselves in front of reigning princess of pop, Rihanna as reportedly Justin Bieber was snubbed by the singer backstage at the awards ceremony.

While at previous events Bieber and Rihanna have seemingly got on like a house on fire, posing for several unique photo opportunities, it seems that he may have been getting on her nerves a bit backstage at the Billboards. Apparently at five different occasions Bieber struck up a conversation with Rihanna before eventually being told to "leave it" by her security staff, who blocked him from talking to her.

Meanwhile, Bieber's girlfriend Selena Gomez, who regularly receives Twitter death threats from deranged fans of Justin, was apparently raging at his persistence in talking to Rihanna, knowing full well that he fancies her.

How embarrassing for all concerned. Especially Britney, who was probably wandering around the place like Ophelia muttering poetry under her breath while all this was going on, before unknowingly being led onto the stage.

2. They tried to make her go to... etc.

In a really sad bit of news, or maybe it's happy depending on how you look at it, the most destructive lady in music Amy Winehouse has checked herself into The Priory hospital in London.

Not to be disrespectful it 2007 again? I swear I'm getting déjà vu, how many times is this woman going to check herself into The Priory? She must have her own suite there by now. Apparently ahead of a busy summer of touring (in true 2007 style she will no doubt be performing songs from her latest album Back To Black), she's decided to give herself some time in The Priory to stop her drinking becoming a problem while on the road.

Footage of the singer caught on CCTV shortly before she made her trip to the rehabilitation centre saw her swigging vodka in a nearby off-license. GET WELL SOON, BABESSSSSSS.

3. I can't deal with YET ANOTHER speculative story about the US X Factor, and yet here we are.

I can't deal with this anymore. For MONTHS, everyone and their granny was linked to the US X Factor. It was, as I'm sure you remember, getting ridiculous. Consequently, when the line-up for the show was finally confirmed and Cheryl Cole was revealed as one of the judges, the world breathed a sigh of relief. The speculation was over. It was confirmed. And we could move on and enjoy whatever madness Simon Cowell had prepared for us.

Unfortunately, this was not the case as it seems our beloved Geordie princess has been axed from the panel after just two weeks as a judge on US X Factor. Days after the news broke, there has still been no official confirmation from any of the affected parties, so here are a list of of some of the various speculated reasons for Cheryl's axe from the show:

Likelihood of being true: Basically, Paula Abdul is as mad as a box of frogs she's not one to really have disagreements with anyone. Moreover, there's been rumours of rifts between Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole since Cheryl first joined the show, and neither of them have ever been sacked for it, before. Finally, a bit of inter-judge conflict would surely be an incentive to keep Cheryl on the show? I'd say this is quite unlikely, especially as Paula has been singing Cheryl's praises in interviews recently.

2. Cheryl wore minging clothes.
Likelihood of being true: Cheryl is something of a style icon here in the UK, although admittedly her choice of outfits on the most recent series of X Factor have been a little hit-and-miss. Considering that X Factor is aiming for a younger and trendier audience than its predecessor American Idol, it's understandable they'd want someone fashionable on the panel. Especially given that Cheryl reportedly turned down the offer of a stylist upon her arrival in the UK, I'd say this could actually be a contributing factor, although sacking someone purely because of the way they dress is surely a bit severe, eh?

3. Cheryl sat at home and ate biscuits instead of going to the Grammys.
Likelihood of being true: OK, admittedly this does sound a bit ridiculous, but I genuinely think this is one of the most plausible rumours. The story goes that when Cheryl arrived in LA, Fox were determined to get her face seen at big events so that America weren't greeted with a complete stranger when X Factor aired in the Autumn. However, when it was arranged for Cheryl to attend the Grammys she reportedly snubbed the event so she could stay in and eat Digestive biscuits. I love digestive biscuits, especially with peanut butter on. Sounds rank but honestly, it's lush. Cheryl would love it if she tried it, I'm sure (luckily for her she now has a lot of time on her hands to sit in and butter up her digestive biscuits).


4. American audiences couldn't understand Cheryl's Geordie accent.
Likelihood of being true: A source from Fox has allegedly said that as well as turning down a stylist upon her arrival in the States, Cheryl also refused elocution lessons which were offered to her to make herself more understandable to American audiences. While I applaud Cheryl's balls and trueness to herself, a cynic would probably argue that if Simon Cowell offers you something the best thing to do would be play along, because pissing off the wrong people when you're in such a lucky position is probably a bad idea. Reports have claimed that Cheryl's accent did make her difficult to understand, but surely sacking someone just because of their accent isn't right? Someone on Twitter said that if she had a strong Indian accent there would be no problem, and I echo this argument. GEORDIE PRIDE.

Likelihood of being true: Very likely, it's not exactly out of character for Simon Cowell to randomly introduce judges to his reality shows only to immediately drop them days in (just ask Kelly Brook and Brian Friedman), and it seems like Cheryl could have just been a pawn for Simon Cowell all along. It's a bit convenient that Nicole Scherzinger just "happened" to be there waiting in the wings, isn't it? It's embarrassing for poor Cheryl to be replaced by Nicole, though, who stood in for her on the UK series when she was at death's door from malaria, as there were rumours even then that Simon preferred her to Cheryl. Needless to say, Cheryl is reportedly severing all ties with Simon, which would seem to suggest this is the truth, or at the very least the closest to the truth as we're ever likely to get.

Whatever the story, Cheryl is believed not to have stopped crying since the news broke, although no official statement has been released either from Fox or from Cheryl herself, while judge Paula Abdul claimed to know nothing of Cheryl's removal from the show. For the first time in a very long time, the future of Cheryl Cole is uncertain...

Just what Newcastle needs- another unemployed divorcee...

That's it!

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  1. I am glad Cheryl has been dropped from the US XFactor.... it's mean but theres such bigger stars in America! She should have stayed in the UK all along! x