Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Silly Old Daniel Celebrity Roundup.

I fancy writing another blog so that's what I'm going to do. Four days into my Easter break (or as they say in the U S of A SPRING BREAAAK) and I have thus far written 20 words of an essay, which I think is commendable and therefore I'm giving myself a break from that exhausting work and writing a blog instead. It is time for a Silly Old Daniel Celebrity Roundup, so FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS FOLKS IT'S GOING TO BE A WILD RIDE (translation: not that wild in reality).

1. Has Britney been trying to pull the wool over our eyes?

I've always been quick to defend Britney Spears as she lip-syncs her way through her life, because truthfully I think if a performance itself is entertaining enough then it doesn't really matter if someone is singing live or not because you're still being entertained by them.

However as the Femme Fatale album campaign has dragged itself along, I've been feeling more and more let down by Britney's performances and TV appearances, she simply doesn't look like she wants to be there anymore, her dancing is below average and she's making no attempt to at least make it look like she is singing live. All in all I genuinely don't think she's living up to the hype she created for herself during the recording of the album.

As if all this isn't bad enough, if reports are to be believed Britney has sunk even further and is now recruiting a body double to dance for her in music videos. While this isn't the first time Britney has been accused of having someone do her more difficult dance moves for her, this is the first time there has been evidence as these stills from her most recent music video for the single Till The World Ends:

While the girls in these photos is wearing the same outfit and sporting the same rancid weave as Britney, the face is clearly not hers. Apparently the face is that of Tiana Brown, a dancer who has toured with Christina Aguilera in the past. Alarmingly, Camp Britney is yet to comment on this, and it's looking like this is just going to be another sadly accepted truth in the utterly synthetic world of Britney Jean Spears. The question is, if she didn't write the song, the singing is AutoTuned and the dancing in the video isn't even her, exactly what about this is a Britney Spears video?

2. Justin Bieber has had enough.

As part of his My Worlds tour, Justin Bieber is currently in Israel. Very exciting for him, being a devout Christian and everything, re-tracing Jesus's footsteps and all that. At least that's what he hoped, but unfortunately for The Biebs paparazzi have been following him ever since he first arrived in The Holy Land.

So angered was Justin by the fact photographers were preventing him from enjoying his religious experience he took to his Twitter to vent his frustration:

LOL he spelled Israel wrong. Still, you do feel bad for Justin when he's tweeting things like this:

Eventually, in news that shocked Beliebers the world over, Justin decided that it was time to chuck the towel in with Twitter for a while and take a break from tweeting- and I say good for him if I had all the abuse he gets I'd feel exactly the same:

You probably saw this coming a mile off, but Kelly Osbourne felt the need to stick her oar in as well:

3. The Cher Lloyd album campaign is officially underway.

Since last year's X Factor I have been awaiting Cher Lloyd's debut album more than any other release in 2011 (apart from the Nicola Roberts album OBVIOUSLY), and today it looks like we're one step closer to hearing what she has up her skinny sleeves.

Today Cher revealed that she was to hold open auditions for dancers to appear in the music video for her first single, details for which haven't been announced yet. After going through the X Factor experience herself, the singer will now be sitting on a panel to decide which dancers have enough "swagger" to be in her music video.

Presumably inspired by the spirit of The X Factor, applicants need not have any dance experience just a passion for dance. Cher also says that it's imp---

No dance experience necessary???

Yeah, so, erm. I have to...

*grabs coat, heads for auditions*


  1. Lovely round up Daniel. Thanks fella.

  2. hahaha your recurring Kelly Osbourne thing is hiarious! :)

  3. You both clearly know what I wanna hear, I thank you :p xx

  4. Oh that Kelly Osbourne Tweet makes me giggle (read: guffaw) every time! x

  5. Oh good, I like to wheel it out every now and then.

    Calling Dannii Minogue the devil. AMAZING.