Monday, 21 March 2011

Celebrities I Like.

IT'S DAN HERE. Well OK it's Daniel, I will never in a million years be cool enough to be called Dan. Sad times. So anyway, right, the other day on Twitter I asked whether or not my blog was just a load of slagging people off. This was the unfortunate reply:

And so, in the interest of not going to Hell, here is a list of celebrities I actually like in no particular order.

Nicola Roberts

I have taken to typing "Nicola Roberts" into Google news on a daily basis in the hope that news of her solo career will have emerged. I like Nicola because she seems like a genuinely nice person and has put up with a lot of shit over the years, tried to change who she was, and come out of it all a respected member of the fashion world for the very reasons the press used to slate her. Underneath all of her designer clothes is a working-class Northern bird and this is why I love her. Plus, in every Girls Aloud song where Nicola has a prominent verse it is always the best. See: The Loving Kind, Singapore, Sexy! No No No. She is a proper, proper popstar and I really like her.


I can't help but compare Rihanna to Lady GaGa, because while on the surface they seem like really similar artists they are in fact totally different. If you sit Lady GaGa down in an interview it seems like she's immediately on the defensive, using big words she doesn't seem to actually know the meaning of, while Rihanna answers the questions posed to her, she's fun and sassy and a bit naughty. She can be serious and she can be a laugh, she takes her music seriously but doesn't seem to take herself too seriously. Basically she is the perfect popstar, and she deserves the massive success she's had over the last year.

Justin Bieber

People do not like Justin Bieber because it is not cool to like Justin Bieber. So on a daily basis, a 17-year-old boy who makes millions of people happy and hasn't done anything wrong to anyone, gets bombarded with hate-mail with nothing going on in their lives. I mean, really. I don't love Justin Bieber's music, but I think for someone who has achieved so much in such a small amount of time and at such a young age, he seems pretty well-rounded. If I had his level of stardom when I was 17 I would have been an utter twat to everyone, so the fact that he always seems to have time for his fans says a lot for him. More importantly, he clearly has a strong head on his shoulders to go on every day with so many people putting him down just because it's "cool" to do so, so I really respect him for that.

Jonathan Ross

The reason I love Jonathan Ross is because no one is off-limits for him, everyone gets the same treatment and he doesn't kiss anyone's arse. When Lady GaGa sat there with her ridiculous tea-cup and gave monosyllabic bullshit answers to his questions, he just did his usual routine of trying to make her laugh, eventually telling her "I think you're a bit mad, really". I think he's at a stage in his career now where he genuinely doesn't care about the consequences as long as he's entertaining and I love watching him because of that.

Nicki Minaj

This photo basically sums up everything Nicki Minaj is about. She's big and she's flamboyant and she's unmistakeable and she is going to stomp all over you in her gigantic heels. I've already gone on and on about her in a blog I did last week so I won't bore you even further, but I think her attitude is truly admirable, she's a hard worker and she isn't afraid to stand out. If slightly flawed feminist icons are your sort of thing then I recommend her album Pink Friday wholeheartedly. Do I go on about Nicki Minaj too much...?

It seems "yes".

Alan Carr

Say it with me now: Camp is not a crime. Alan Carr has spoken a few times about how he feels like the gay community have rejected him because he's made a career out of being camp, but there are two problems with that.

1. He hasn't made a career out of being camp he's made a career out of being hilarious, his being camp rarely comes into it.
2. You can't just pretend that camp gay people don't exist because we do, and I know this because I am one of them.

So yeah, I have a lot of respect for Alan Carr for never pretending that he's someone he's not, and for being brave enough to play to his strengths even if it meant rejection from his own community. The sad truth is there is a lot of homophobia within the gay community, and if it takes people like Alan Carr to bring it to light then so be it. Camp. Is not. A crime.

Cher Lloyd

Like Justin Bieber, Cher Lloyd is a teenager who has to put up with a lot of shit from a lot of people who should really know better. Thankfully, it seems like Cher Lloyd has real balls and isn't someone who listens to what other people say. More importantly, she isn't shy and retiring, she sticks up for herself. When people on Twitter make fun of her gypsy heritage, she retaliates and says she's proud of who she is. Her performance style might not be to everyone's tastes, but I genuinely think she's a good role model to young girls to be strong, fight for what you want and don't late people get you down with their words. I think the only album I am more excited for in 2011 than that of Nicola Roberts is Cher Lloyd's. If it is a heap of shite I may kill myself.


I'm not sure at what exact point Morrissey stopped caring, but it seems whenever he opens his mouth to a journalist these days he's an absolute loose cannon that cannot be stopped from slagging someone or something off to within an inch of their lives. And someone who cares that little about public approval can only really be applauded. More importantly, I do hold the opinion that The Smiths were every bit as important for the evolution of pop music as The Beatles were, and yet Morrissey doesn't seem to have let it go to his head like Sir Paul McCartney, who seems to think he is the second coming of Jesus. If Morrissey think something is injust he says it, but he doesn't just blurt it out he is poetic and articulate about it. BASICALLY HE IS EVERYTHING I WANT TO BE IN THIS LIFE.


You can try and put down Madonna's contribution to not just the world of music but modern society in general, but that would be ridiculous. If you're a woman who talks about sex then you owe a lot to Madonna, which might well be a flippant and sexist thing for me to say but it is the truth. Had she not been so disgustingly graphic about sex in the early 1990s, flashing her vagina this way and that, then loads of women wouldn't have been brave enough to be a tiny bit vocal about sex. The fact is without Madonna there would be no Sex And The City, there would be no Lady GaGa, there would be no Rihanna and the world would be a really different place. Over 25 years in the entertainment industry and still counting- Madonna is the bad bitch.

That's enough niceness for one day. I'm off to go and kick an infant.


  1. I really agree with what you said about Justin Bieber, it genuinely angers me how much abuse he gets, I don't particularly like him but he is so ridiculously inoffensive yet EVERYONE hates him??? I hope he marries Rebecca Black.

  2. I love Morrissey, he's never let me down. I love his quote 'I do maintain that if your hair is wrong, your entire life is wrong' oh he makes me laugh. I totally agree about The Beatles statement, they don't mean anything to me. I think The Smiths have influenced all of my favourite bands.
    I hope Nicki Minaj is a judge on the American X Factor x

  3. I think what happened with Justin Bieber is that he is EVERYWHERE in America so people got sick of him, and started taking the piss, so by the time he broke over here even though he wasn't everywhere it still looked like the cool thing to do was hate on him.

    And Gem I must admit I do not want Nicki Minaj to be a judge on US X Factor, she has her own career to focus on :p And I think Smiths influences are everywhere, like Xenomania based Love Machine by Girls Aloud on The Smiths. SO THERE YOU GO.

    (That Morrissey hair quote is genius too, it was in Attitude magazine once on their list of gay anti-heros-- brilliant :p)

  4. I like everybody on this list apart from Madonna.


  5. Chelsea man why don't you like Madonna I thought she'd have been right up your street?