Monday, 14 March 2011

Big Gay Monday: Nicki Minaj.

Right, so this has been a long time coming. I have started and stopped my Big Gay Monday about Nicki Minaj about a hundred times but today I have no excuses, it is Monday and I am off Uni so I am going to sit down and write about why I love Nicki Minaj and why I don't think any of you should hate her as much as you do. I say this because so many of my close friends genuinely dislike Nicki Minaj and I am going to try my darndest to put that right.

The main reason people seem to not like Nicki Minaj is that it seems like she's come from nowhere wearing her weird clothes and generally trying to be the next Lady GaGa in terms of getting attention for wearing weird clothes. This is a shame really, because the sort of weird Nicki tends to go for leans more towards the Rihanna/Katy Perry side of the spectrum than the GaGa "let's wear inanimate objects and pass them off as accessories" way of doing things. More importantly, she hasn't "come from nowhere" at all, she's been working hard for years to get her face seen and, like Lady GaGa before her, she's had to overcome a lot of naysayers who told her she will never sell and now she has a platinum-selling album, which isn't bad at all for a female rapper. So, as Nicki herself would say, "haters you can kill yo self".

Now I'm not pretending to know a lot about rap music here, but it cannot be denied that when it comes to rapping she's a very talented lady. This is never more obvious than when you listen to Monster, a Kanye West track she has a verse on which also features Rick Ross and Jay-Z. Basically, she doesn't just outshine everyone else on it, she basically takes a giant great poo on everyone else in the song, because they are simply not a fraction as good as them. "Let me get this straight, wait, I'm the rookie?" she says, "With my features and my shows ten times your pay" AND THEN SHE GOES "50k for a verse, no album out" and it's like "yes, Nicki, you are absolutely brilliant and you are better than everyone on this song".

The same can be said of her collaboration with Eminem on her album where she basically owns a "hater", presumably that daft bitch Lil Kim. Lil Kim accused Nicki of stealing her image and being a big slut when she is, in fact, the biggest slag in history (and that's coming from a Madonna fan). She sounds more then capable rapping alongside Eminem, probably one of the biggest rappers in the world, and sounds every bit as frantic as him when she warns Lil Kim: "shoulda sent a thank you note you little ho, now Imma rap your coffin with a bow". So there we go, she sticks up for herself and is a bit of a feminist icon, holding her own rapping alongside the big boys in the misogynistic world of rap. The opening song of her album is called I'm The Best, and, frankly, she is.

I know a lot of you reading this write fashion blogs, so let's have a chat about her clothes, shall we? One of the reasons I love Nicki is her ability to dress up an ordinary dull outfit (like the beige trouser suit she wore to the VMA Awards) with one of her trademark pink wigs. Nicki's fashion sense is one of the things she is most famous for these days; sometimes I think she gets it right and sometimes I think she gets it terribly wrong but the important thing is that she's trying something a bit different and unusual, and not just going onstage in jeans and a t-shirt and boring everyone to tears (yes I'm looking at you Ellie Goulding).

It's safe to say that Nicki Minaj is not someone who blends in with the crowd, which is why she never tries to shy away from outfits which will show off her assets, and by "assets" I, of course, mean her gigantic backside. I mean, really, that is one fabulous arse, isn't it? It's not so much that you could rest a pint on it as much as you could rest your entire liquor cabinet on there and use it to serve cocktails for all your friends on. Those are PROPER curves, not shitty Kimberley Walsh not-even-that-curvy curves. Nicki is also known for letting her inner drama student out when having her photograph taken and is usually seen pulling mad faces for the camera rather than a simple smile. Brilliant stuff. I would take that tactic myself, but people would probably think I was having withdrawals from something.

And finally, why is Nicki Minaj an icon for the gays? For starters, she ticks all the boxes for a modern gay icon; she's sassy, she wears distractingly over-the-top clothes, she doesn't let people walk all over her and she has a wicked pair of boobies. More importantly, she's always spoke favourably of the gay community, which is rare for someone trying to break the notoriously homophobic world of hip-hop. Fair enough she hasn't quite done the Lady GaGa-style marches for equality, and she has made a few questionable decisions for someone who claims to support the gay community (namely letting Eminem spout the line "all you little faggots can suck it, no homo" on her track Roman's Revenge), but her interviews with Out magazine portray her as a tolerant and supportive icon for them gays.

A few of her songs deal with being an outcast, and the adversity she's had to overcome to get where she needs to be today, something that gay people have embraced stars like Madonna and Lady GaGa for in the past. I'm The Best features the lovely (but not sickly) message "to all my bad bitches I can see your halo", while her Rihanna collaboration Fly is a dead good song about overcoming everything and reaching your dreams (it's literally about flying rather than using "fly" as an adjective). IT'S LIKE S CLUB 7 ALL OVER AGAIN (but without that treat Rachel Stevens).

So, to sum up, this has been a rather disjointed little feature about the main reasons Nicki Minaj is brilliant. The chances are if you sit down and listen to her music and don't like it then you never will, and that is acceptable. But so many people have written her off without even giving her a chance simply because her presence in the press seems unexplained and unnecessary. Do yourself a favour and check her out. All cheesiness aside she is fucking brilliant. And that is it really.

NICKI MINAJ SONGS WORTH CHECKING OUT (if you will pardon the pun):
Bottoms Up (with Trey Songz), Check It Out (with, Your Love,


  1. The thing I was a bit unsure about was that I'd never really heard of her and then I couldn't turn my head without seeing her. She never really seeped into my consciousness she just ARRIVED. She's not so much everywhere now, it's died down, so now I am interested to see whether she will genuinely stick around or whether it was a bit of a fad.

    On the positive side, I absolutely wouldn't mind her staying around.

  2. I don't think she'll ever be a megastar in the way that Rihanna or Lady GaGa are which is a shame because she is a very talented woman and at the end of the day is that not the most important thing? APART FROM LOOKS, OBVIOUSLY.

  3. I love nicki....but you do know she had implants for her ass! LOVE it

  4. Did she??? That is a devastating piece of news. I kind of figured it was just padding or something :(