Wednesday, 9 March 2011

An Appeal.

Hello there my name is Daniel, but you probably know me best as Silly Old Daniel. Perhaps you read my often hilarious Silly Old Daniel Celebrity Roundups. Do you? If you don't then I hope your skin rots.

So anyway, today I'm here to talk to you about something quite serious. I don't often delve into politics on this blog, because I don't know enough about politics despite doing two politics modules this academic year (for some reason I don't do any media law but I do two politics modules, as well as Spanish history and an English language module. God bless you, Sunderland University). Yeah so I'm going to talk about the state the government is in because David Cameron is an arse and he's running around making cuts like he owns the place which I suppose as Prime Minister he kind of does, but whatever.

One thing I think is terrible is that he's felt the need to close so many libraries. However, this wouldn't be the case if people would bloody use libraries in the first place.

Yeah so that's the first issue, keep that in your head. There's a second injustice I want to mention. And that is the music career of Paris Hilton. Now, you see, everyone rolled their eyes when Paris Hilton announced she wanted to be a singer, and then she went and surprised everyone with an absolute GEM of an album (imaginatively named as well, as you can see):

If you've never heard this album then I'd say it was a must-listen for anyone who likes Ke$ha, Katy Perry or Britney Spears. The songs on it are lovely, and Paris doesn't have an unlistenable voice at all. Unfortunately this album sound about 4 copies, which is a shame because the songs on it are brilliant. BRILLIANT.

One woman who's doing her bit to make sure the album is well-spread is Gem, whose blog you can read for yourself right here. So she works in a library in Wales (my last name is Welsh so we are practically related), and she made sure there was a copy of the Paris Hilton album in stock so people can listen to it. Unfortunately she sent me this devastating tweet just yesterday:

So I urge you, readers of my blog. Libraries are shutting all over the place. So if you are in the area of Caerphilly and have never heard Paris Hilton's album then get yourself to Aberbargoed library immediately and take it out. Libraries are closing all over the place, and Paris Hilton's music career is going unnoticed, you can help two giant wrongs just by visiting this library. And it won't cost you anything!! That is the beauty of libraries!!

This is literally what you need to do if you are from the Caerphilly/Aberbargoed area (Gem, pet, I hope these places are real and you aren't taking the piss)...

1. Go to Aberbargoed library.
2. Take Paris Hilton's album to the desk.
3. If you are served by Gem then tell her I sent you and she will flash you a tit (not really, that is a jolly joke)
4. Take it home and listen to it.
5. Realise your life was not complete without the Paris Hilton album.

Thank you very much for your time.


  1. Haha I love this. I'm so glad you got behind this cause. Children in poverty get enough press, this is a cause that would have otherwise gone unnoticed which would have been a TRAVESTY!!!
    You can also borrow this item if you live anywhere in Caerphilly you don't have to visit Aberbargoed because it's a little out of the way.
    We also have a copy of 'Confessions of an heiress : a tongue-in chic peek behind the pose' by Paris Hilton a which is a literary classic.


  2. I bought that album!!!!!!!! I LOVED that album!!! What's that song 'turn it up' or something.. ha the intro sounds like sex :P epicness....
    I also own the afore mentioned PH book :o)

  3. I got the Heiress's Diary off my friends for my 16th birthday, which is amazing because you fill it in yourself.