Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Fittie Of The Week: JLS

Right, I am writing this and it is 1st February. I am going to post it on 9th February, which is probably when you are reading it. I hope by the time this comes out I have had my hair cut (I am beginning to look like a tramp) and found a date for Valentines Day. This morning I saw this lovely picture of JLS and Alexandra Burke and thought it would be perfect for Fittie Of The Week, but unfortunately I'd not yet posted the photo of Justin Bieber that was Fittie Of The Week. So this photo is now somewhat out of date, but let's be honest, when it comes to lads with their kit off, who really cares how old the photo is?

Basically, there is something for everyone in this picture. Unless you are a paedophile. Or a racist.


  1. I'm sorry, that was the shittest comment ever, but the last three words of this blog were perfect.

  2. LOL I want Alexandra Burke's stomach now...