Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Fittie Of The Week: Aiden Grimshaw.

During his time on last year's X Factor, Aiden Grimshaw continuously pissed me off with his annoying facial expressions he put on when he sang (ironic, given that I am a Cher Lloyd fan). Here is one of such expressions:

What an annoying facial expression. However, shortly after Aiden was kicked off The X Factor, I had a dream about him which cast him in a whole new light. In the interest of not venturing into "fan fiction" territory I won't go into great detail. Anyway, he's on the cover of this month's Gay Times and he's basically looking really, really fit. So fit, indeed, that he is this week's Fittie Of The Week. If you are interested in seeing quite how fit he is, here is a picture of the cover shot:

I know he's got his clothes on and that, but I'd still rather have a boy with a body like Aiden's than some rock-hard Ken doll character, wouldn't you?

For those who follow me on Twitter you'll already know this, but my parents have gone to Tenerife, and my imbecile father accidentally took my MacBook charger abroad with him thinking it would charge his iPod, meaning I've been reduced to using his shitty laptop, and we all know how much I writing blogs on Windows, which is why I have not been very active blog-wise for the past few days. They're back on Sunday, when normal services will resume.

Finally, it wouldn't be fair to mention "X Factor" and "facial expressions" in the same blog without posting this: