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Top 20+10 Singles of 2010.

Christmas has been and gone, and wasn't it night? However you spent your Christmas I hope it was enjoyable and left you with that special feeling afterwards. Personally, I stayed in with my parents who had both fallen asleep on the sofa by 8.30pm, waking up briefly for The Royle Family and then dozing off again.

We're at that lovely time of year now where we look back over the best things that happened in 2010, and some of the worst, and we look forward to what's happening in 2011. I thought the epitome of this would be my countdown of the best songs of 2010, which I've been compiling a list of since October, but how many the countdown would comprise of became something of an issue as my "Best of 2010" iTunes playlist now contains 100 tracks. So I've narrowed it down to the Top 30 (20+10, get it?) singles of 2010, based around plays on my iTunes as well as over at my account. You know I love keeping people in suspense, so here's the bottom ten of the thirty...

30. Cheryl Cole - Promise This
Released: 25th October
Peak Position: 1

OK, so Promise This might not be everyone's cup of tea, but presumably someone liked it as it got to Number 1 when it was released in October, accompanied by a mime-tastic performance on The X Factor which, while not as good as Fight For This Love, was still pretty good at reminding us why we love Cheryl Cole in the first place. Plus there's a nice bit of nonsensical French thrown in for good measure. Expect to see me wearing this next Halloween.

29. The Ting Tings - Hands
Released: 11th October
Peak Position: 29

By the time The Ting Tings ran off to Berlin to record their second album, they had kind of out-stayed their welcome. Due to this over-exposure in the past, it seemed when they came back on the scene with this catchy little comeback single they were reluctant to do, like, anything in the way of promoting it, so it went under a lot of people's radars (despite having been played by Carla and myself on our Pride Radio show). Shame, really, because if you get over the fact it's The Ting Tings ("*scoff* The Ting Tings?? NO THANK YOU"- do fuck off) it's actually a fantastic song. "Clap your hands if you're working too hard", sings Katie in the chorus. Who can't relate to that? (Apart from, obviously, people with no hands).

Released: 20th December
Peak Position: 2

It looks like as 2010 draws to a close, Rihanna is finally getting the recognition she deserves. After a number 1 single (at last, it had been about a hundred years) and two high-profile appearances on The X Factor, I'm happy to see people are starting to accept Rihanna for more than a Lady GaGa wannabe, which she never was and never will be, and more an artist in her own right. Of course, she didn't write a single song on her most recent album Loud, but that's really neither here nor there. What's My Name is a lush laid-back number about someone going down on you. How Drake is going to reply to the question "what's my name" when he's got a mouthful of vag is beyond me, but who am I to argue with Rihanna? Oh na na.

27. Nicki Minaj - Your Love
Released: 20th September
Peak Position: 71

Nicki Minaj is back on another of my "Best of 2010" lists despite not being mentioned on my blog for the entire year. I do predict big things in Nicki Minaj's future for 2011, which is a bit of a swizz considering 2010 was actually meant to be her year, but whatever. Nicki Minaj is like a cartoon character come to life- she's fiery, she's energetic, she's got the best arse anyone has ever had ever. Your Love is a break from her usual "yo, yo motherfuckers" routine, where we get to hear her rapping about a man who has stolen her heart over an old Annie Lennox sample. "When I was a geisha, he was a samurai", she says in what is one of my favourite lyrics of 2010, being both shit and beautiful at the same time. The video is gorgeous as well so get a look at that. Nicki Minaj. What. A. Woman.

26. Joe McElderry - Ambitions
Released: 11th October
Peak Position: 6

So perhaps things might not be going quite the way Joe McElderry might have hoped. As another series of The X Factor comes to an end, his most recent single has bombed into the charts at a lowly 68. Oh dear. Let's think of the good times though, Ambitions was the Shields lad's first "proper" single, and it was a canny good one. Unfortunately it was flanked by a truly terrible dance routine which, to make matters worse, Joe was running around saying in interviews he was dead proud of. Oh. Dear. Me. We'll check back in a year and see how he's doing, but really it's not looking good, is it? Wonder if he still regularly texts Cheryl...?

25. Kylie Minogue - Get Outta My Way
Released: 27th September
Peak Position: 12

It's nice having Kylie back, isn't it? Doing proper Kylie songs like All The Lovers, and my beloved Get Outta My Way which more-or-less personifies white-lady fierceness. You, there! You're slowing Kylie Minogue down! Stop it! Get out of her way! The video's an explosion of neon loveliness, and Kylie looks fantastic in it. So good for her. More importantly, the song (Stuart Price produced, don'tcha know?) is fantastic. All in all, 2010 has been a good year for both Minogue sisters.

24. Cheryl Cole - Parachute
Released: 11th March
Peak Position: 5

Poor timing really, Cheryl Cole released Parachute weeks after she announced that she'd left that dickhead Ashley Cole. We all cheered for her, until she released this little ditty about standing by your man. It all seemed a bit distasteful really. Then she appeared in the video cavorting around with that oh-so-straight is he/isn't he/no he isn't he likes a dick up his bum-hole Derek Hough, swinging her around his head and generally not being gay. Because he's not gay, you know? All context aside, Parachute is an amazing song, so well done everyone concerned for that.

23. Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment
Released: 3rd May
Peak Position: 37

The thing with Adam Lambert is that by the time he arrived in the UK everyone who would be interested in him already knew about him, and had downloaded his album already, so by the time For Your Entertainment raised its head here in Britain, we'd seen it all before. Thanks to the Internet you can't really release things in different territories at drastically different times anymore, because we have ways of finding out. It's a shame, because now you'd think that Adam Lambert's career had flopped and maybe it had, but I like to think that had we just been given him at the same time as the rest of the world he might have flourished like a little gay flower. The important thing to remember is that Adam Lambert is- in my opinion- one of the most important LGBT icons of our time, and For Your Entertainment is one of his finest moments.

22. Diana Vickers - The Boy Who Murdered Love
Released: 19th July
Peak Position: 36

Very pretty girl, catchy song, fantastic video. And yet this song got to 36 in the UK charts. Why so low? Because radio stations were still playing Once by the time this was released. It all seemed promising for Diana Vickers at one point but these days it seems like she's trying to be a million different things at once and it's all a bit confusing for her fans, myself included. One minute she's purring on The X Factor dressed as a sexy circus ring-leader, the next minute she's fooling around in a kid's dressing gown, and the next she's in a nice dress looking like a sophisticated young lady. One thing I'm not confused about is this song is fantastic, and that is really all that matters in the long run. I adore this song; the lyrics are clever, the chorus is memorable and it's just everything a good pop song should be.

21. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Bittersweet
Released: 2nd May
Peak Position: 25

Bittersweet by Sophie Ellis-Bextor is basically a really good song. I've mentioned this before in a blog devoted entirely to the song. It's high energy and it's fun and it's a bit camp and it's sophisticated and twinkly but still pop pop pop. I saw Sophie Ellis-Bextor live this year supporting Pet Shop Boys and she is basically a lass in a dress singing pop songs in an RP voice, but it works and while admittedly her chart positions haven't exactly been in the low numbers for a few years now, she's still lactating amazing music from her pop tit and as long as there are gay teenagers Sophie Ellis-Bextor will have a fan base.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next part of the Top 20+10 Singles of 2010, has your favourite made the cut?

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