Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Top 10 Albums of 2010.

OK, so we're almost mid-way through the last month of 2010. Hasn't it gone quickly? It doesn't seem like five minutes since I sat down and made a list of unrealistic New Year's Resolutions and it looks like we're almost at that time of year again. December means one thing to me, and that is reflection. So let's remind ourselves of my top 10 albums of 2010, according to my play count over at Last.fm. Yes, let's.

10. The Saturdays- Headlines!

So according to The Saturdays themselves this is not actually an album, it's a mini-album. What that basically means is that the group are back-pedalling after the disaster that came along with their sophomore album "Wordshaker". It seems a re-invention didn't work for the girls, and so with album 2.5 they went back to their pop pop pop roots. It was a wise decision, and now I love The Saturdays again.

Best track: Higher.

9. Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday

Regrettably, this is the first time Nicki Minaj is being mentioned on this blog, which is basically a sin. The first time I sat down and listened to this album I thought it was a pile of absolute bollocks. I started going on and on about how Nicki Minaj didn't live up to the hype. It turns out I was completely wrong, and Nicki Minaj was put on this Earth to go "hello there, guess what, you can be flamboyant and use colour without nicking all your ideas off Lady GaGa". It might not surprise you to hear that I'm not usually a fan of rap music, but Nicki Minaj is the exception to that. Go on, give it a listen. If you're anything like me you'll cave eventually as well.

Best track: Save Me.

8. Kate Nash - My Best Friend Is You

Quite a lot of this album is shit, because it is very, very conscious of trying not to be like Kate Nash's debut Made Of Bricks. The best songs are the ones that don't have deep meanings and are just nice pop songs. The shit ones are the ones that have hidden messages and are more experimental. That's not to say that only commercial pop music is good, but what I am saying is that hearing Kate Nash trying her hardest to make herself credible when she really isn't all that is a bit embarrassing really. That said, the good songs are really very good and while I wouldn't recommend splashing out on the whole album, one or two tracks are worth listening to.

Best track: Later On.

7. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream

California Gurls. Teenage Dream. Firework. You can't say fairer than that? Like My Best Friend Is You, quite a lot of this album is utterly unremarkable. Thankfully, the songs that are actually very good are enough to carry the entire thing. Fair enough, Katy Perry isn't going to win any awards for Feminist Of The Year any time soon, but her songs are nice enough to listen to, aren't they? Plus if you have the hard copy of the CD it's scented. What's not to like?

Best track: Firework.

6. Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment

Not a great success in the end, was it? Not really sure why, with collaborators including Max Martin, Matt Bellamy and Lady GaGa, especially when you consider that this album is very, very good. The reason for this? Adam Lambert is a very talented man. It's rare in 2010 that someone should carry an album just because they're talented (I know I shouldn't say this as I support artists like Rachel Stevens and Cheryl Cole who arguably contribute nothing to their music) but Adam Lambert is a true star. And he was discovered on American Idol! And he didn't even win! Bloody 'ell! Good for him, I say. Plus he likes men, and so do I, so what's not to like, really?

Best track: Music Again.

5. Alphabeat - The Beat Is...

Right, this album is so good that it's basically like eating a big cake. Every single song on it is at least 6/10, which isn't bad going, is it? Remarkably, though, it sold about 4 copies. This is madness. Alphabeat are the best band in the whole world, and yet bell ends like One Direction are on the telly every week getting all kinds of attention. This is madness. I need 2011 to be the year where Alphabeat become the biggest band in the world, because they really deserve it. They are amazing. I saw them live twice in 2010 and both times they were fantastic. I can not recommend this album enough.

Best track: Heart Failure.

4. Robyn - Body Talk

Over 2010, Robyn released three albums under the "Body Talk" label, so this album is essentially a Greatest Hits Collection. And that is why it is such an incredible album, it's basically a "Best Of". I don't really have a lot to say about this, Robyn can do no wrong in my eyes and this album is her best work yet. If you haven't heard it then I recommend checking it out. What a treat.

3. Rihanna - Loud

At this stage in the game, my feelings for Rihanna are pretty clear. She is the best popstar in the world. Loud is not her best album, which is a shame, but it's not her worst either and there are many songs on it that are very, very good. Rihanna is the best. If you disagree then, you know, that's fine but you're wrong.

Best song: Man Down.

2. Scissor Sisters - Night Work
Yeah so this is one of my favourite albums of all time. What's great about Night Work is that it's a concept album about stuff that goes on at night. This basically means it's an album about fucking and partying. The album opens with "Night Work" a song about getting yourself all nice and ready for a big night out, and closes with "Invisible Night" which is set 8am the following morning where you're off your face and generally being debauched. Potentially the most important gay album of 2010, which I appreciate because I too am known for being a massive, massive homosexual.

Best song: Any Which Way.

1. Ke$ha - Animal

Loud. Obnoxious. Trashy. Naughty. Debauched. Vile. Nasty. Fun. Pop. Dirty. Vibrant. Shallow. Ke$ha is all of these things and so much more, and her debut is my favourite album of 2010. Her songs aren't going to change the world, of course they aren't. But Ke$ha represents what Lady GaGa once represented-- she's living the fucking dream, but so are you. The songs about partying have been pretty much trashed as shallow and meaningless, but when you're on a night out you should feel like you're fucking mint because if you don't then you're doing something wrong. If you don't like Ke$ha then get a fucking sense of humour, OK? She's great.

2010. You've been good to us. Cheers.


  1. From this top 10,i most like "The Saturday" album very much.And i heard all the songs from it.i really enjoyed it.
    - 2Pac

  2. Loud is one of my favourite albums- I love Drink to that :)

    Maria xxx