Saturday, 11 December 2010

5/6 odds on the most boring X Factor winner ever.

A few months ago, I wrote a blog telling all of you to go out and Vote Labour. Now, understandably, you all chose not to listen, and now if you want to go to University you'll have to sell your organs on the black market if you want to afford it. This is what happens when you don't listen to me.

Now, admittedly, I know nothing about politics. But if there's one thing I do know it's celebrities. And tonight there is an arguably even more important public vote, as it is the first half of this weekend's X Factor Final. And it seems it's practically a certainty that Matt Cardle is going to win. I'm here to talk to you about why this should not happen.

Now, this man is not someone worthy of a million pound recording contract. This man is not even worthy of being a popstar in the first place. You could sit on the bus next to this man and not look twice at him. He is utterly unremarkable. And yet he has 5/6 odds on becoming the most undeserving and uninteresting winner since the very first series was won by Steve Brookstein.

I'm not shy about my love of Cher Lloyd, who has undoubtedly been my favourite contestant since her performance of Just Be Good To Me in the first live show. Since then I think Cher has proved herself as the most energetic, dynamic and fun contestant. Each week she's done something slightly different which has shown versatility, with each performance still baring the Cher Lloyd signature, meaning she isn't inconsistent. She's done ballads, she's done upbeat songs. Some have been great, some have been slightly off-the-mark. I can not wait for the Cher Lloyd album, I genuinely think it will be the most exciting X Factor album to date. But at 17-years-old, Cher has put up with so much shit written about her, and she's always come back fighting, and this, above all, is why she's my favourite contestant this year, and maybe of all time.

Having said that, Cher Lloyd has absolutely no chance of winning this competition, and realistically she doesn't need to. So if you're wondering who I'm backing to win the competition- despite Cher Lloyd racking up more plays on my iPod in the last three months than acts I love like Pet Shop Boys and even Cheryl Cole herself!- it is Rebecca Ferguson.

When Rebecca first appeared on the competition, it was obvious they were trying to shove her in the quiet, unconfident, weepy role and it simply did not suit her. True, Rebecca isn't exactly a chatterbox, but if you watch her video diaries she comes across as a genuinely sunny person who has finally found an outlet for the voice she was blessed with, and a way to provide a better life for her children.

Rebecca is currently second-favourite to win the show (after that fucking snooze-fest who apparently shags anything that moves and has no neck) so I'm sure if everyone who reads this who wants better for The X Factor than Matt Cardle winning, but doesn't know who to vote for, I urge you to vote Rebecca. Her performances of Teardrops, Candle In The Wind and Feelin' Good were all remarkable, and I'd be interested to see what direction she went down if she was to win the competition.

One Direction are nice to look at but, honestly, they have all the charisma of a box of hair.

Vote Rebecca!

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  1. Hi Daniel. I found your blog through Carla's.
    Yes, I'll be voting for Rebecca this evening. Cannot wait! Enjoy your weekend.