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Top 20+10 Singles of 2010.

So we've sat through parts one and two along our countdown of the best 20+10 songs of 2010, and we're finally at the all important top 10. 2010 was a lovely year for popular song, with new artists like Nicki Minaj bursting onto the scene and firm favourites like Lady GaGa and Rihanna reminding us why we loved them in the first place. The question is, who has made the Top 10...?

10. Marina and the Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot
Released: 26th April
Peak Position: 26

You'd be forgiven for thinking that I only like this song because it mentions robots, but all references to robotica (is robotica a word, like erotica?) aside, this is just a very nice song. There aren't many slow songs on the countdown, but when you're after a ballad you need look no further than this little ditty about not putting too much pressure on yourself and accepting that, at the end of the day, we're all only human. A lovely sentiment.

9. Robyn - Indestructible
Released: 1st November
Peak Position: 173

So it hasn't exactly been a bad year for Robyn. She released the follow-up to her acclaimed album (also called Robyn) and her performance of Alicia Keys's Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart (2o10's best song about masturbation) was widely praised. Indestructible is just another feather in her ever-growing little Swedish hat, a gorgeous song about trying your very hardest to forget about the losers in your past and fuck someone good and royally as if you know it isn't all going to end in tears. Like all of Robyn's best songs it's singed with melancholy, and it's a song I know many people (myself included) can relate to as we go along our merry way looking for true love.

8. Katy Perry - Firework
Released: 2nd November
Peak Position: 3

Firework is alright, like, isn't it? A song about embracing your differences and rather than putting them aside and focusing on "the good points", putting them out there for everyone to see. Since it was released, I haven't once heard Katy Perry singing it in a way that could be described as even close to being good, but that is irrelevant. We will always have the lovely studio version to listen to on days we are feeling less than perfect, and it's the ideal song to get you in the mood to "own the the 4th of July". Fab.

7. Scissor Sisters - Any Which Way
Released: 20th September
Peak Position: 81

"You know, baby," explains Ana Matronic in the spoken Middle 8 of Any Which Way, "When I was taking my pantyhose out of their egg this evening I thought: 'I'm gonna find that man who's the right shade of bottle town. A man who smells like cocoa butter and cash'. Take me any way you like it". That's right, it's another song about fucking.

6. Alphabeat - DJ
Released: 31st May
Peak Position: 116

This is not a song about fucking. 2010 hasn't really been Alphabeat's year, and I honestly don't know if they'll ever be back with a third album which is a really big shame because I cannot sing their praises enough. DJ is a perfect example of everything there is to love about Alphabeat; it's a sunny, non-threatening tune about dancing your troubles away to your favourite song. Fair enough, the sentiment is a bit tired and cheesy but in yet another year of recession it's a shame Alphabeat's cheery music hasn't taken off more.

5. Lady GaGa - Alejandro
Released: 28th June
Peak Position: 7

Between her outlandish outfits and terrifying music videos, it's easy to forget that underneath it all Lady GaGa makes the best pop music going. Alejandro is an amazing song which was, unfortunately, given a horrendous music video laiden with meaningless religious iconography which had nothing to do with the content of the song. More importantly, it goes on for about 10 minutes which makes an already hook-laiden song sound repetitive and tired. So if the first time you heard Alejandro was in conjunction with the music video then I feel sorry for you, because I really feel it's meant to be enjoyed without the image of gunfire and war accompanying it. While the lyrics do tell of a doomed relationship you can't quite shake yourself from, it's still got quite a chilled, laidback vibe to it and I think that the Alejandro video was the first time in her career Lady GaGa might have got it wrong (I'm not countingVideo Phone which I can only presume was a contractual obligation). We'll see what lies in store for Lady GaGa in 2011, but let's hope she doesn't forget that at the root of it all she isn't an avant-garde artiste making political statements and scaring us all, she's a silly girl with a phone on her head.

Released: 21st October
Peak Position: 1

"La la la", sings Rihanna, and the crowd gives a cheer. That is what is happening in clubs around the universe as Only Girl (In The World) is being played. With five songs in the Top 20+10, Rihanna actually makes up a sixth of my personal Top 30 of 2010, it's safe to say this has really been her year. This was the lead single off her surprise fifth album, which she recorded...I'm not even sure when she found the time between promoting her singles from Rated R and going off on a world tour (the best concert I've ever been to, as it happens). You know why Only Girl (In The World) is amazing already, and if you don't like it then it's going to take a lot more than me singing its praises on this lowly blog to change your mind. Well done Rihanna. Well. Done.

Released: 14th June
Peak Position: 8

Read this please, everything I have written so far pales in comparison to it. Dancing On My Own is about the crazy bitch that lurks within all of us and that is literally all I can add.

Released: 15th March
Peak Position: 1

What makes me laugh about Lady GaGa is that if she said "Telephone is a song about being sick to death of someone ringing you when you're trying to enjoy yourself", the world would go "what an interesting idea, I don't think anyone's done a song about that before". But that's not enough. Lady GaGa needs to say that it's a song where the telephone represents voices in your head, and the need to have a break from your inner monologue. Which, of course, is a load of shite. If you can overlook the heavy dose of pretentiousness that Lady GaGa insists on attaching to every song she has put out since Poker Face, Telephone is a stonking good song. With undoubtedly the best music video of 2010 by an absolute mile accompanying it, with some of the most memorable costumes of the 21st century featured in it, Telephone handles the issue of your significant other pestering you over the phone when you're trying to have a nice night out. Also Beyoncé does a dead good verse, which I have been known to do a rather fierce dance to. Next time we're out I'll show you.

1. The Saturdays - Higher
Released: 31st October
Peak Position: 10

Had to be, didn't it? Higher was the real comeback single The Saturdays needed (Missing You was, after all, shit) and I think it did the trick. Ahhh The Saturdays. What a lovely bunch of lasses, making unashamed pop music. No hidden meanings, no outlandish costumes, no distractions; just five young girls (well....four and Una- the Samantha of The Saturdays) and a bloody good pop tune. ARMS. IN. THE. AIR.

That's it.
Happy New Year!

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