Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Silly Old Daniel Celebrity Roundup.

Now I know what you're thinking. "Bloody 'ell, Daniel, it hasn't been five minutes since you last did a blog". Thing is, I'm rather enjoying writing my blog again which is refreshing because for a long time I was sick to death of it. Also, now that the Silly Old Daniel Celebrity Roundup is no longer confined to just Fridays I can now update it whenever I feel like it so I'm sorry for the bombardment but at the end of the day if you didn't have such a thirst for celebrity gossip then you wouldn't be here, would you? No you would not.

1. Something unbelievable is happening with Amy Studt. (Twitter)

You might remember Amy Studt for her angst-y singles Just A Little Girl and Misfit from back in 2003. If you're anything like me they were your anthems to get you through to the day with an empowering song in your head. A few years later Studt was back with a second album (I will bet you my entire student loan that, unfortunately, you will not have heard anything from it) which was actually much better than her first, slightly immature, offering. Before I go on with the story, let's just have a look at her most recent single Nice Boys which I love:

I know most of you won't even pretend to have watched it, but please do. It's right there and it's a very good song. And for all of you who are here through Messy Carla because you write a fashion blog- there's a nice dress in the second half of the video! Something to look out for.

So anyway, Studt took to her Twitter this week with the surprising news that she was writing a track for a certain pop princess:

That's right folks, in what might possibly be 2010's most surprising piece of celebrity news, Amy Studt is writing a track for Britney Spears. It's been a strange year for singer/songwriters with devoted fans on the Internet but no one else who's heard of them, as Nerina Pallot has also had songs featured on albums by Kylie Minogue and Joe McElderry. And let's not forget Nothing Fails, the track by Jem which ended up on the Madonna album American Life. I think it's only a matter of time before Lady GaGa unveils a new collaboration with Sandi Thom.

I wish I was a punk rocker with telephones in my hair...

2. Calvin Harris is chucking the vocals towel in. (NME)

Calvin Harris announced this week that he would no longer be performing vocals at his shows, as his nerves before live shows always stop him enjoying the performances. He also said that looking after his voice during his tours was a "nightmare", and he couldn't go out the night before for fear of damaging his voice.

While he's said that he will do "some studio singing" on his future tracks, in the future he'll be focusing more on producing tracks for other people and his DJ sets rather than his own live performances. He's also, quite excitingly actually, said he's going to do tracks with proper performers who are trained to sing live every night.

That's quite an exciting prospect, really, isn't it? Could there be a Mark Ronson/Timbaland-style "Calvin Harris and Friends" album around the corner? He's produced tracks for Kylie Minogue and The Ting Tings, as well as being sampled during Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour so he won't have to look too far for contributors.

I must admit, though, I do quite like Calvin's songs where he songs, he has quite a unique voice doesn't he?

1. You Used To Hold Me
2. Colours
3. I'm Not Alone

3. It looks like Gamu might not be deported after all. (BBC News)

Good news for fans of people not being deported, The X Factor's Gamu is looking increasingly like she may be able to stay in the country after all. After it was revealed that the Zimbabwe-born teenager's mother was staying in the United Kingdom illegally, it looked like she and her family would have to return to the African country. However, at a court hearing this week the Home Office decided to re-consider the decision to deport the singer.

According to news reports, judges have decided that Gamu and her family have passed through the first round of their fight to remain in the country. That's all well and good but let's not forget this is Gamu we're talking about. She'll probably sail through the second round no bother as well, only to be denied at the last entrance in lieu of a two-stone rapper and a prostitute's grand-daughter.

That's not funny really, is it?

I'm done.


  1. Don't know how I missed that Britney news! I'm always checking for Brit updates.
    Found your blog through messycarla and I love it. I have a gay mans taste in music so this is perfect for me.
    Did you see Adam Lambert when he was in the UK?

  2. I wish I'd seen Adam Lambert he is brilliant but regrettably I live nowhere near the places he went :(