Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Fittie Of The Week: Matt Cardle.

Did you watch The X Factor on Saturday night? I had the night off work so I went out with my dear friend Kate, but not before she came over for some pre-drinks and our favourite TV talent show. Unfortunately the one night I was able to watch the show live was the night it was an absolute snooze-fest. The most boring act, in my opinion, is Matt Cardle who for some reason is favourite to win the show. He performed an acoustic version of Britney Spears's ...Baby One More Time and his arms looked really fit.

Look at that shoulder, man. I could just take a bite out of it. I'll tell you something, though. THIS is how ...Baby One More Time should sound:

And this is how it absolutely should not sound:

Nice arms, though.


  1. That is some of the worst guitar playing I've ever heard. He sounds like that woman who busks on Northumberland St with only two strings on her guitar. Also, Travis did this about eight years ago.

  2. Yeah,and Kris Allen did this version on American Idol two years ago. "You made it your own!" Bah!

  3. God how gorgeous does Britney look in that video? <33
    Didn't G4 sing it on the first series of X Factor? xxxx

  4. I think we're all missing the point here... Matt Cardle has a shoulder I could just take a huge chunk out of.

  5. His shoulders look pretty average to me in terms of male muscular stature.