Monday, 11 October 2010

Checking in.

Bloody 'ell, lads. I haven't written anything in nearly two weeks, and even then it was just perving on Liam Payne off of The X Factor, who these days is best known as the second best-looking of boyband One Direction. I'm sorry I have been away for so long (I'm not pretending you've been sat by the computer waiting for me to blog all this time but I know some of you do enjoy reading what I have to say and I thank you) but truthfully I have been quite busy, and in my spare time blogging only felt like a chore to me and I thought that if it felt like a chore it would probably come across in my writing and what would be the point in writing something shit just for the sake of it?

I'm back at University which is surprisingly not half as bad as I remembered, but I don't start till 5 on Mondays so at the minute I'm sitting in the library on my own. To all the Daily Mail readers who think that students do nothing but snort mephedrone and bum each other, I'd like you to picture me typing away at this little computer, listening to The Saturdays and waiting for my lecture to start. I also went on a few dates with a very nice young man, but unfortunately on our third date I got wrecked and behaved in a manner surpassing "crazy bitch" and actually in a league entirely of its own. To be honest I'm a bit hazy on the details of what actually went down, due to the bottle of wine I consumed over the course of the evening, but it's safe to say I frightened the poor guy enough to warrant never seeing him again. Some people just don't know what they're getting themselves into, do they?

I'm a bit obsessed with the new Saturdays song at the moment. Here is my current favourite iTunes playlist:

I've missed a few celebrity roundups, so I'll do an abridged version without sources and pictures of the past few weeks, just in case you're not following me on Twitter and missed what I've had to say about a few things:

1. Katie Price crashes her carriage and blames being a woman.
As if the daft bitch hadn't already set the feminist movement far back enough, she then crashes her horse carriage and says she is a "typical woman driver". Vile.

2. Cheryl Cole has been receiving death threats.
From Gamu, presumably. It's a fucking talent show, people, lighten up.

3. Lady GaGa's been quiet recently, hasn't she?
Yes, she has.

4. Dannii Minogue's autobiography is out in all good and most shite book shops as of now.
I wonder how many times Kylie will be mentioned. My sister, Kylie. Kylie. My sister. Kylie. Ky. Lie.

Hope you're all keeping well, anyway. I literally can't believe how busy I feel at the minute between Uni and work and attempting to have some class of a social life (I'm focusing on all those things since trying to have a romantic life fell on its arse thanks to my unfortunate Crazy Bitch Syndrome mixed with my old friend vin blanc), but I shall try my hardest to keep on top of the blog. I've had to start another blog, this time I've chosen to focus specifically on reality TV, for one of my journalism modules so if you'd like to read that it's over at Through To Bootcamp, which will be nice for anyone who enjoys my X Factor tweets on Sunday nights (I know some of you must...)

Anyway, that's quite enough out of me.
D xx

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