Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Fittie Of The Week: Marlon Mackenzie.

Are you watching The X Factor? I am. It's been canny, hasn't it? We might as well pack up and go home though because it's obviously not going to get any better than this little gem:

With Big Brother gone forever, it's good to know that The X Factor are more than capable of fulfilling my need for utter trash. Let the freaks pour in. Meanwhile, did you see Marlon Mackenzie's utterly unremarkable audition in front of the judges? He did this whiny version of Ain't No Sunshine- a song I, admittedly, have never been a fan of- but then D-listers all over Twitter including Aaron Renfree and Lloyd Daniels (both of whom deserve their very own Fittie Of The Week special mention at some point) started showing their support...

...and it become increasingly obvious that Marlon was more than probably somebody whose demo Simon had heard previously and invited along to audition, hideously killing the point of the competition in the first place (he'd actually auditioned before claiming he was a "house-husband" which I suppose translates as being "unemployed"). Still, let's watch his audition in the interests of being impartial:

What a bloody racket. Still, here he is doing what all men do best; taking his top off and showing a bit of pube in their MySpace photos:


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