Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Fittie Of The Week: Olly Murs.

You there! Olly Murs has a single out at the minute! It's called Please Don't Let Me Go and it's all about not wanting somebody to let you go or something. There is a music video that goes with it where Olly Murs walks around the place wearing some clothes and the other day I saw my friend Matthew wearing the exact same bloody clothes. Bloody hell. This is what Olly Murs looks like when he takes off his top.

Not my usual type admittedly (what with there being evident signs that Olly Murs is passed puberty) but I still definitely would *world is collectively not shocked*

ps. I'm still in Ibiza but I quite cleverly wrote this blog before I went away and scheduled it to post automatically on Wednesday because I am awe-inspiringly clever.

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