Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Fittie Of The Week: JJ

I keep starting these bloody features on my blog (I think it's fair to say that Big Gay Monday has been indefinitely laid to rest) but I am determined to keep Fittie Of The Week going. Never mind that you may soon be taking a bite out of a burger that came from a cloned cow, and never mind that if you pop out to the shops any time soon you'll probably see all kinds of Christmas-y shite in the shops ready to remind you that the Great British Summer is a temporary state. None of that matters, because if you pop Channel 4 on you can watch a television show called Big Brother and on Big Brother there is a boy called JJ:

JJ is one of those rare creatures who actually looks better with his clothes on, however a picture with his clothes on would really defy the point of Fittie Of The Week. So it would.

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