Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Fittie Of The Week: Jason DeRülo

OK, so I confess I have been seeing someone for some time now. He is gorgeous and talented and he has these songs where at the start he sings his name in a parody-inviting manner. His name is Jason DeRülo* and he has this song called What If which is quite literally out this week, which is why he is topical enough to be Fittie Of The Week (that and the fact he is my boyfriend). I recommend you buy this aforementioned single. I won't be because I already have the album and thus am exempt. Right. Let's look at Jason DeRülo with no top on, then:

*Disclaimer: I am not really seeing Jason DeRülo, this relationship is only going on In My Head DO YOU GET IT BECAUSE THAT IS THE NAME OF THAT SONG WHAT HE HAD.

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