Tuesday, 1 June 2010

All The Lovers

Kylie Minogue's new song is very good. You know I'm not a Kylie fan but I think it takes exactly seven seconds to listen to the song and go "well do you know what, it's a hit". There is a music video for it as well, which you can watch by lowering your eyes slightly and clicking a button:

The idea of the video is that everybody should love everybody and there should be no prejudices FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE THERE ARE MEN KISSING MEN IN IT BLOODY HELL KYLIE STEADY ON. Thing is though, I see no amputees in this video. And I don't want to treat everybody like the people in this video are treating one another. What about people with bad breath, am I expected to stop what I'm doing and get off with them only to start carrying around a passed-it, old witch around on our shoulders?

My favourite part of the video is right here...

...when this long-ish haired man, who is obviously using his time in the video to pay for studio time for his indie band, realises he has no one to get off with and is left with one option of sucking on that man's nipple. I'm sure this is the moment he wished he'd just stayed at home.

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