Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Unfamiliar territory.

My Year 1 bitches and I.

Folks, something unbelievable has happened. My essays are all handed in, my assignments are all complete, my exams have all been done, my library books have all been returned. I am officially finished my first year of University! I am free of education until, basically, October. This is four months worth of dossing about, for those of you who are not so quick with the Mathematics. To celebrate my new-found freedom I have, strangely, been out four times this week. I'm not saying this in a ZOMMG I AM WILD I HAD A VODKA AND COKE AND LISTENED TO KE$HA THE ENTIRE TIME AND MY MAM HAD TO COME AND PICK ME UP AT HALF ELEVEN COS I COULDN'T STAND UP ANYMORE manner, I am merely pointing out this is very out of character as I normally get the world's worst hangovers that stop me from doing, like, anything the day after a night out. However, I had a lot to celebrate because my deadlines were all passed, and Rihanna was very good on Monday night and I had to take Carla out for her 21st on Wednesday night (a week late because that's how good a friend I am).

And now I'd like to take this time to have a chat about texting people the day after you pull them. It's a practice I'm very fond of if I am honest with you, what with 2010 being the year where if I am not in a relationship by the end of it I am going to join a monastery where ironically I will probably get more action than I do at the moment (of course, this would not be difficult *gestures to empty bed*). On Tuesday night I had a conversation with a guy. This is not something I am used to. Normally I'm not big on chatting or finding out first names or anything like that, but I was in a strangely confident mood. I ended up talking to him until what Gwen Stefani would describe as, in her hit single of the same name, 4 In The Morning. I then, in my strangely confident and generally quite drunken mood, got this guy's number and was shocked when I got a reply to the text I sent him when I got home. Whatever. I went to sleep. And that was that.

But that was not that, folks. No it was not. Because he also texted me the next day. Suddenly I was in unfamiliar territory. I had become so used to only getting attention from total pigs that I didn't know how to react to somebody with actual manners. I was so accustomed to gay men behaving like complete arseholes that the notion of somebody actually replying to a text confused and disorientated me. It's annoying though, why would you give someone something as personal as your phone number if you had no intention of ever speaking to them again? If I had just pulled someone I knew deep down was not my type (not that this sort of thing would ever happen *cough*) I would never in a million years give them my phone number, I would make up a polite lie and leave them to get on with their life. Jesus.

Conversely, though, when does texting someone you are interested in develop into hounding them? For me it's a fine line that so far in my 19 years I have never been able to stop myself from crossing. And I have no idea why because I genuinely am not that needy a person, I consider myself more as someone who is more into attention than validation from men. I'm very happy being by myself, it means I can go for cocktails wearing trainers with Carla in the middle of the week and nobody will nag at me, but sometimes when I'm bored I like having a man to text. And when he doesn't text back I like to text him again. As I always say I am not somebody who is bound by the dating "Rules". I thought that breaking what can only be described as the only biblical dating rule made me exempt from all of the "no sex before a third date", "no texting until they text you back" bullshit, but apparently not.

Apologies that this is blog is a bit of a mess, I am slightly rusty I haven't done a proper blog in absolutely forever. Good luck to everyone doing Uni exams over the next few weeks. Hurry up and finish them so I can see you soon though, yeah?


  1. I love getting cocktails in trainers with you - first time I went to Opera I was in my Converse :DD We're setting a trend - casual cocktails!

    When I clicked the link of "Unfamiliar territory" I actually thought it was going to be a blog about your 'trying new things' eating regime! :DD Sushi soon, plz? xxxxxxxxx

  2. Mate, a guy text you back!

    What is this!? Are you going to end up somewhere like dating?

    This is massively intriguing, i shall be keeping up with interest!


  3. Oooh congratulations on the flirting going well! I hope it goes well. I'm right with you on the men being pigs thing :P