Saturday, 29 May 2010

Type Casting.

We are guilty at some point or another for turning down someone who is not our "type". But what does that even mean? How many of us could actually describe the person they are currently with, or anyone they have been in love with in the past, as being their "type?" How many people could actually say they could take a pen and write down the traits of someone who was their "type"? I think more people would be able to point someone out who was not their "type" than someone was. And this is the sort of overshadowing negativity we all have when we're looking for people.

But what happens when we wander from the cookie-cutter men we've restricted ourselves to? Does it mean we're not sticking to our principles and settling; or is it a good thing to be adventurous and allow ourselves to fall for someone we might not have expected? Perhaps the only reason we limit ourselves to men who are our "type" is to stop ourselves being adventurous and trying something different. Perhaps we all just have a fear of the unknown.

Besides, so far in life, sticking to guys who are not my "type" has been nothing short of unsuccessful. Up until now the guys I've dated who've been my "type" have either turned out to be liars, utter dickheads or, you know, heterosexuals. On the other hand, my best friend has just got into a new relationship with someone she first described to me as not her "type", but she was drawn to him anyway; and she is totally smitten. AND LOOK AT BLOODY CHARLOTTE AND HARRY:

I'll tell you what it is, folks. I have met someone who I think I could really like, but he is not someone I would have classed as my "type" at all. It's weird, I can totally see myself with him and yet if I'd known it before I met him I wouldn't have believed it. Thing is, though, he's adorable. He is so sweet and very cute and, fair enough I have not known him a week yet, but he makes me smile and at the end of the day, what is more important than that? Plus after the utter twats I've lumbered myself with in recent history, I think I'm due something a bit differently. Sticking to my "type" hasn't exactly done well for me in the past, so perhaps I should just, to quote Wicked "trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap".

I was considering ending it all before it had even begun last night, if I am honest with you. How good could it get with someone who wasn't my "type", after all? But then I realised, I like him. I actually like someone. Surely knowing in my heart of hearts that I like someone is stronger than all the "not my type" bullshit floating around? And not longer after this realisation, I also got this text:

"Maybe I could make you happy".

Can't say fairer than that.


  1. "Maybe I could make you happy".


  2. omg I love "maybe I could make you happy" that sounds like something from a film!!! good luck!!!!!!