Thursday, 13 May 2010

This will do.

We do not have an office or a study here Chez Welsh, so whenever I have a big assignment to do I sit in my parents' room and do it because it is the only room in the house I find calming (this isn't strictly true, my bathroom is where I go and sit to relax but the idea of doing work in there is a bit of a piss-take when you consider that there are three of us in the house who all need to use it). My parents' room is also the best room in the house for not distracting me; I'm sure you can tell just from the way I wander off-topic and post hyperlinks all over the place that I'm someone who is very easily distracted, so when I have looming deadlines it's pointless me being in a room with a DVD player or a musical instrument or even a pad of paper because there is no way I will get any work done.

Tonight, though, I finally finished my MFL essay. It has taken me a week and a half because, as I'm sure you will agree, it is incredibly difficult to form a 2000 word opinion on something you genuinely couldn't give a fuck about. I'd written about 600 words and, literally, I had nothing more to say. The rest is just padding. It also includes the fantastic quote: "the English idiom 'raining cats and dogs' refers to heavy rain rather than a literal shower of domestic animals." I hope I don't get done for plagarism posting hilarious quotes from my essay on the interweb, but realistically it is my hilarious quote and I should be allowed to do what I want with it.

Despite my vow earlier in the year to be more studious, there has been something of a "this will do" attitude to my work as of late. I know it's only the first year and therefore it's a pass/fail situation where you realistically only need "just enough" to scrape by, it's not really the right attitude to have if we're being honest. I'd love to be someone who could sit down with the library books he'd got out on the night the essay was set (I have made about 500 trips to the library since I started writing this essay but that's only because each book I get out is more useless than the one before it) and just get things done. Admittedly, I have done quite well to get my essays done a few days before they're actually done, I'm usually left scrambling around the night before a deadline scribbling down reference lists and sticking "furthermore"s here and there just to make up the word count. But even so, I can't help but feel I'm handing in any old shite just to create the illusion that I've done something.

I've still got a French portfolio due for Tuesday (which is also the day I'm going to see Hot Rod, oh yeah!) which will no doubt be filled with half-arsed summaries of French newspaper articles and listening exercises copied from the back of the text book, because that is just the mindset I am in at the moment. But as God and Madonna are my witnesses, I am going to turn over a new leaf for Level 2. As soon as I am set an essay I am going to run around the library picking up books hither and thither, underlining things in pencil and pulling inquisitive faces as I tap tap tap away at my laptop. I will start sticking Post-Its with thoughtful French tips on them all over the place. I will start asking thought-provoking questions in lectures, and provide insightful answers to the questions posed by lecturers (OK, that last one might not happen because I do still want to be liked. Well, I say "still"...=[ ). I keep forgetting that at some point in the near future I'm going to be actually living in an actual foreign country, so I should probably get my finger out and do something.

And at least until then, I'll always have Google Translate...

(photo from G J R @ Flickr)

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