Sunday, 9 May 2010

That is so gay.

It's Sunday night everyone and I am sitting at my laptop absolutely fucking fuming. I'm sitting looking Twitter, which is how I spend most of my nights these days if I'm honest because I like to see what people are talking about. Perhaps this means that I do have some journalistic tendencies in me somewhere. Anyway, I'm fuming because tonight there is a trending topic called Bieberisafag. See it for yourself on the right:

What alarmed me was that enough people were comfortable enough calling someone, let alone a 16 year old kid, a "fag" to make it a trending topic on what is slowly becoming the world's biggest social networking site. So without thinking to actually read why "bieberisafag" was a trending topic, I posted this lovely, articulate Tweet on my own page:

Admittedly not my finest hour in terms of literary wit, but I managed to get my point across. Of course, when I clicked to see what people were actually saying about the topic "Bieberisafag", it turns out that Bieberisafag is actually a user on Twitter, rather than a general comment or observation. It was looking like people were just tweeting @bieberisafag to agree with the username and spread the Bieber hate:

(from a Britney fan, no less. This woman should know better).

However, when I had a closer look, it seemed the reason and the reason Bieberisafag's username was trending was because Justin Bieber fans were ganging up and hating on her. Fair enough, I think. If you're going to use disgusting language in your username then I think it's only fair you should get a certain amount of abuse your way. Perhaps not enough to make your username a trending topic, but enough to make you learn your lesson. How nice that all of these young Bieber fans were grouping together to stop someone using homophobia to insult their idol. Of course, when I started to read the comments it was a whole other story...

It looked like people were pretty quick to deny that Bieber is a gay. This is fair enough, he's said himself that he has an eye for the ladies and while I may have previously insinuated that he was gay himself on this very blog (not cool, I know, naughty Daniel), it's generally not nice to make comments about people's sexuality. I've touched on this subject myself on the blog before, sexual orientation is really no one's business. Then I read some more tweets on the topic:
The Bieber fans (Beliebers is the correct term, I'm informed) weren't collectively outraged that their hero was being put down on the Internet, nor were they angry that Bieberisafag was using derogatory homophobic language to insult Justin. They were just pissed off that someone was calling Justin Bieber gay and were getting a lot of attention for doing it. As far as these people are concerned calling someone a "fag" is not insulting or offensive because of its negative connotations towards gay people, they think it's insulting because to them being gay is insulting.

I'm sorry that this blog always gets so heavy when it comes to things like this, but I genuinely get more pissed off by casual homophobia that most people wouldn't even consider offensive (people saying "that's so gay", "he's so gay" when what they mean is "that's so shit", "he's so shit", for example) than when I see Fred Phelps and his "God hates fags" signs campaigning at the funerals of gay people. And I really mean that. Fred Phelps is a joke. You look at his signs and you think "what a fucking joke, what the hell is wrong with him?" Everybody does, because we as a society have evolved far enough to know that outrageous outward homophobia like that is ridiculous. What we haven't evolved past yet is someone picking up the new Scouting For Girls CD and saying "that is so gay". We haven't evolved past someone walking to a lecture and saying "this lecture is so gay". We haven't evolved past someone listening to the new Justin Bieber single, hating it and going on Twitter to tell the world "Justin Bieber is so gay".

Watch this video please because I agree with every single thing Chris Crocker says (at least the parts about the "that's so gay" debacle, anyway):

"Not because I'm a gay person but because I'm a smart person".

I'm really, really disappointed with what I've seen on Twitter tonight and what I see around me all the time, if I'm honest. I know that, with this being a Justin Bieber-related incident, a lot of the people involved are young and often pre-teens. But these young people and pre-teens have to have picked up the attitude that being gay is bad from somewhere, and that's what pisss me off. A few weeks ago I was walking home from the metro station after University. It was a sunny day during the schools' half terms, and there were a group of boys, probably about 10 years old, playing in a tree. As I walked past these boys, they started taking the piss out of me- calling me a puff and asking where my boyfriend was ("I wish I fucking knew, pet", I felt like screaming back). It wasn't the things these boys were saying that had pissed me off (I'm a big boy now and gangs of 10 year old boys surprisingly don't get to me like they used to :p), what pissed me off was the fact that at 10 years old these boys had already made their minds up that being gay was something wrong, something to be made fun of and that someone senior in their life had told them this. Kids aren't born thinking that being gay is wrong, they need to be taught it from somewhere. And that's what my problem is.

Again, I'm sorry to get so heavy on a blog I try to keep as light-hearted as possible, but this is something that literally pisses me off more than anything. It's not so much a pet peeve as something that actually makes me think "what the fuck is wrong with everyone?". This blog for talking about my "big gay life" and sometimes in my "big gay life" I get pissed off by idiots who can't be arsed to pick up a thesaurus and look for synonyms of shite, so they just call everything gay because after all, "who would want to be shite?" much like "who would want to be gay?" And you can say I'm reading too much into it, that language changes over time much like gay used to mean happy, now it just means shite, it's nothing bad against gays in general, if I was homophobic how could I be friends with you?, blah blah blah, but this is a pile of bullshit bullshit bullshit.

If you don't have a problem with gay people then don't call things gay. And if you're more offended by what is implied by calling someone a fag than the actual hateful language, you need to have a good look at yourself.


  1. 1. I'm really starstruck by the fact I appear in the first screenshot YAY
    2. completely agree with everything here, it pisses me off and I am utterly heterosexual. if people started saying "that's so black" or "that's so asian" meaning that's so shit there'd be outrage wouldn't there. not really much of a consolation but i'm sure in 10-15 years it will have been phased out and become really inappropriate, i mean racist terms used to be bandied about freely and they're not so much anymore. hopefully finally people are starting to catch up with this as well though, i really really hate casual homophobia and it should be treated with just as much contempt as casual racism is.
    mate rant much. but yeah just completely agree.

  2. I'm totally following in DoubleVodkacoke's footsteps and now following you on twitter!

    However twitter used my real name instead of my blog name so i'm sorry if you get confused.

    I appreciate your rant, i remember once when drinking at the SU bar i heard somone say "you know whats really gay" and i just turned round to him and said "me".

    He didn't know how to take it and just kinda shuffled off, it was amazing! Xx.

  3. WELL DONE YOU! God I'd love to do that but whenever I call people on it they sort of look at me is I'm being far too sensitive which maybe I am but its just something that really upsets me yknow what i mean?