Thursday, 6 May 2010

I don't care who you vote for, but bloody vote.

They decided to hold the leaders' debate in the Weakest Link studio.

I'm going to vote later. If you're interested I am going to vote for Gordon Brown. Now, I know next to nothing about politics. I watched the first half of the first leaders' debate but I was drunk at the time and did not pay much attention. Do you know what, though? I keep hearing all this crap about how the country's down the shitter, the credit crunch is eating away at everyone, people are forced onto the street while illegal immigrants are living in luxury and daily gay orgies in the streets are destroying the nuclear family. I've got to be honest, perhaps I have rose-tinted glasses on or I just live a charmed life or something, but I don't see any of that.

What I do know is that I am in University, and my loan is sitting pretty in the bank. I have a job which, while I'm not exactly in fine furs because of it, pays enough for me to get by. There's no signs of those pesky Eastern Europeans that Gillian Duffy (who is a bigot no matter how you spin it against Gordon Brown) reckons are tearing the country apart stealing my job. I live with my parents, and they're both in a job, as is my sister. If I want I can pop off to a registry office and enter into a civil union with a man. I know perhaps I'm only thinking short-term here, but my life- as far as politics can affect it, at least- is pretty sweet. I know that David Cameron keeps saying "time for change", "time for change", "time for change" on a loop, but I actually think things are alright the way they are. I mean obviously the country has some big issues and all that, but does this mean nothing to Conservative voters?:

Now everyday ain't gonna be no picnic. When it gets tough gotta fight some more.

Anyway, I hope if you're reading this and you're a British citizen over the age of 18 that you are going to go and vote, because when you think about it we are so blessed to live in a democracy. In some countries there is no vote, or only rich people are allowed to vote, or only women are allowed to vote. And, if you ask me, if you don't vote then you shouldn't be allowed to complain about pensions or immigration or wars or housing or laws or employment or education or the state of the country or the European Union or civil rights or anything like that, because you could have done something about it and you didn't.

And so, while I admit I know nothing about politics I still think it's important that we all make our voices heard. Unless, of course, you're going to vote BNP. In which case you can fuck right off. So come along labour voters, all together now: Too much of anything can make you sick...

"David Cameron...brrr, slippery, isn't he? We've always been labour in our family. Better the devil you know." - Cheryl Ann Cole.


  1. A lot more eloquently put than my facebook status - "If you have the right to have and don't then you can fuck off and die" - but definitely agree and the Cheryl Cole quote is genius!
    Still loving the blogs!

  2. Ha ha! The wise words of Cheryl Cole! Good blog I've enjoyed that i've logged into blogger and had loads of other peoples opinions on politics to read!

  3. So agreed with you, our little country seems fine to me how it is.
    I'm actually for the lib dems but might vote labour just to keep the tories out.