Saturday, 1 May 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend Ramblings

Silly Old Daniel- 01.05.2010

I'm reporting live from my bedroom on the first day of the much coveted May Bank Holiday Weekend. I decided that in lieu of going out today I would stay in and get cracking on the essays/portfolio I have precisely 16 days to get started/finished. Of course, this was unsuccessful as when my alarm went off this morning to get me up, out of bed and to the library (on a Saturday!) I just rolled over and went back to sleep. The next thing I know it's 2pm, I'm still lying in bed and it's too late for me to go all the way up to Uni for some books, come home, start writing and then have time to eat and get ready for my shift at the stadium tonight. So I did what any self-respecting man would do, and spent the day watching my Will and Grace box-set and sitting around waiting for my hair to dry naturally. I am, quite simply, the most easily distracted person in the universe and it is beginning to frighten me.

I don't really have a lot to say but I realise it's been a while since I wrote about what was actually going on in my world, and it's all good really. Still at the dogs. Still single. Drinks with Catherine. Drinks with Carla. Only two or three weeks left of the semester before I can start devoting myself entirely to my social life and everyone'll be coming home and it'll be lush seeing everyone who's at Leeds and Southampton and...well actually those are the only two.

My hair is still not dry.

Today is the first day of May, which means we are at that horrific point in the year where we're almost half-way through. And what have I done? I have not even come close to a serious relationship, I'm still at my alright-at-best job which I inch closer to being sacked from every time I show up late, smashing glasses and being rude to everyone who comes to the bar. On the plus side, as I get further into Uni I'm starting to think that I'd very much like to be a Journalist, and I'd initially anticipated the exact happening which is always nice.

I'm listening to Kate Nash's new album. So far it is not as good as her first one and it doesn't show any signs of getting better. This blog hasn't been funny or interesting but then it's always nice to know what's going on and what place I'm in, isn't it? I can not wait until the day after these assignments are all due and I can just run around in the beautiful memory of seeing Rihanna live. Goodbye everyone! Enjoy your lives because one day we will die xxx


  1. you don't know me (I found your blog through my friend Owen) so it's weird that I'm commenting on your one about your life as supposed to the others, but I just thought I should say you should very much be a journalist, you're a very good writer! I read pretty much every celebrity gossip magazine there is and Perez Hilton every day so I know what I'm talking about too. sorry for stalkery comment. xx

  2. hahaha all stalkery comments welcome, that one wasnt stalkery enough for my liking if I'm honest

    Anyone with vodka in their username is alright by me though :p