Friday, 2 April 2010

The Silly Old Daniel Celebrity Roundup.

Time for more celebrity news, I think. And so, let's have a look over the past week's worth of showbiz gossip...

1. It's only Perez Hilton's bloody well birthday. (Perez Hilton)

Perez Hilton: Devil Man.

He might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it was psuedo-celebrity Perez Hilton's birthday this week and there was a kick-ass party in Los Angeles in honour of it. Name a B-list celebrity and they were there. Leona Lewis and Liza Minelli performed for the crowd which included Justin Bieber, one of the less famous Pussycat Dolls and Lindsay Lohan. His "wifey" Lady GaGa, meanwhile, was conveniently busy and managed to get out of the endurance festivities, though his old friend Katy Perry (you may remember Katy Perry was Perez's favourite before the, frankly better Lady GaGa showed up and swept him off his feet) managed to show her face. Realistically, though, what else was she likely to be doing? Staying home and polishing her Grammys?

We mere mortals might not have been invited to the bash, but we can get a glimpse of the party here:

On a more personal note it's my birthday night out in just one week and with celebrity guests including blogger Messy Carla and conga-leader Sophie Thompson, I'm pretty sure we can have ourselves a night to rival Perez's. (Still, I haven't bothered inviting GaGa, if she cannot arse herself to go to the party of the man who perpetually kisses her arse on his blog, she's hardly gonna go to mine is she?)

2. Katy Perry gets covered in slime. (The Sun)

No, pet, that's a banana.

These days kids might carry knives instead of Pokémon cards and catch-kiss might have been replaced with good old-fashioned fingering, but the times haven't changed that much as the Nickelodeon Awards proved this week. That's right, the Nickelodeon Awards. Apparently there were not enough ridiculous award ceremonies in the world, so they created one more exclusively for B-list celebrities.

It was a busy B-list week for Katy Perry who was there to present an award, though all was not as it seemed for the I Kissed A Girl singer (on a side note, does anyone reading this actually believe that Katy Perry has ever kissed a girl?) as when she went to announce the winner of Favourite Movie Actress, a box full of gunge exploded over her:

You'd think that being engaged to Russell Brand, Katy Perry would be used to gunge going off in her face without warning but apparently not...

3. Peter Andre fights hard to stay relevant. (Digital Spy)

Welcome to Dancing On Ice 2011...

We all think Peter Andre is a nice guy. I do. You do. We all do. That's established and lovely. No one is going to dispute that. Thing is, though, the bloom's off his rose a little bit these days, and it seems he's slowly starting to realise that he was not famous at all for being Peter Andre, he was famous for being Katie Price's husband. So now he's frantically running around all media outlets hoping that someone will pick up a quote from him.

"I'd love to be the fifth member of JLS," he told journalists this week. In the past 12 months, JLS have had two Number One singles so it is not surprising that Peter Andre, who has had none since the re-release of Mysterious Girl six years ago, would try and share newspaper space with them. Even more desperately, he is on the front of OK! magazine this week, alongside a familiar face...

Call my cynical here, but am I the only one who thinks that Peter Andre is doing with this cover exactly what people have been slagging Katie Price off for doing, ie. exploiting their children and rubbing a possible new romance in his ex's face? Except in my eyes, what Peter's doing is much worse, because he's flaunting a friendship with someone his ex-wife has openly expressed distain towards. And he's exposing his children to a really terrible role model. That is all.

4. "I can see Double-0 and 7 in those things". (Holy Moly)


Following in the footsteps of Shirley Bassey, Madonna and Tina Turner, it seems that Lady GaGa has been approached to record the theme music for the newest James Bond film. This is not surprising, she is undoubtedly the biggest star in the universe at this moment in time. I thought I'd have more to say about this but I don't. Apols.

5. The King of Pop comes back to re-claim his throne. (Digital Spy)

Pictured with Gail Platt, currently serving time in the Prison For Bitches

No, silly, Michael Jackson isn't doing anything. Because he's dead. I'm talking about Adam Rickitt, who is far from dead and announced in a web chat this week that he is ready to head back into the world of music with a comeback single.

Now, I'm not saying anything about the power or influence that I have had over people's lives since I started writing the blog you're currently enjoying or contemplating closing and going back onto YouPorn, but on Monday night Catherine and I went to Powerhouse where she requested Adam Rickitt's first single, I Breathe Again. For those who have forgotten the beautiful video that went with that song, I would be happy to jog your memory...

...well, I'm hard.

And so ends another Silly Old Daniel Celebrity Roundup.


  1. i remember refusing to see Rent when I was 10 because Adam Rickett was playing Marc. NO JOKE.

    LOVE my mention. Celebrity friend, indeed! (Although I was chatting to Lauren Luke on Twitter the other day :))

  2. Bloody 'ell, I wonder if she's free on Friday night :p x