Thursday, 1 April 2010

Meanwhile, in Daniel World...

I have been a busy boy the past few days, which is always refreshing as usually when I'm off University for a prolonged period of time I start going a bit mental, banging my head against the wall and picturing what a lovely time everyone else is having without me. In the past four days I have been in a conga line around a gay bar, attended a prom, pissed off Britney Spears's publicist with my incessant tweeting (I shouldn't be proud of this but I am, this is someone from Britney's camp for heaven's sake that's more than Chris Crocker can say, he didn't even get a cease and desist letter), shouted at someone in the toilets of Powerhouse for calling me Mika, kissed a boy, murdered a Britney classic on karaoke and watched a friend urinate. It has been a good, and somewhat trashy, week. I am the new Ke$ha. You are going to have to start calling me Dani€l. EXCEPT WE AS BRITISH CITIZENS DON'T USE THE EURO, DO WE? NO WE DO NOT. SO IT WILL HAVE TO BE DANIE£ instead. Except that looks like Daniee so at the end of the day let's just stick to the traditional good old fashioned Daniel which has never done me any wrong in the past. LET'S LOOK AT SOME PHOTOS OF ME AND MY FRIENDS SHALL WE?

Catherine and I sang Overprotected and soon found out why Britney chooses to mime in concert. I am rocking the smart/casual look if I do say so myself...

Messy Carla meets another type of mess at the LGBT prom.

Here I am violating a man. I might look like a horny little perv but I'm actually hoping he will pour the Apple Sourz down my open mouth...

I love all of these people. I do not love my green tongue. That is what I get for drinking stuff that even the cast of Skins would turn their noses up at, demanding something more sophisticated.

Catherine had requested Adam Rickitt's "I Breathe Again" shortly before this photo was taken. It was a beautiful moment.

And that is what I have been up to of late. I'm off work tomorrow night for the first Friday in absolutely forever but I am actually going to stay in. And rest. I am officially getting old :( BUT!!! Next Friday is my birthday which I pray will be an epic night, as Monday was the best night out I have ever had and I do love birthday attention (or, indeed, any attention).

That's all for now! Don't forget to vote in the Great Shoe Debate.

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