Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Invisible Light

They're back, motherfuckers.

Do you really care that Scissor Sisters have a new song out? You probably don't, you'd probably forgotten about them. That's fine, I can overlook that. You should care though, because they have a new song and an upcoming album. The new song is incredible. Popjustice did a fairly vague review of the album which you can and should read for yourself by clicking this underlined piece of text if you like Scissor Sisters, pop music or are a cocksucking faggot. I'm sorry to generalise gay men, that is probably the biggest criticism of this blog that doesn't involve the phrase "Silly Old Daniel is shit", but it sounds like this is shaping up to be the most important gay album since Gossip's "Music For Men" (what?? You've never heard anything from that either??? WHAT??).

Anyway, the track that was revealed to the world today is the album's closer as referred to in the following Popjustice quote:

It's a nocturnal album with an opening track about sleeping all day then catching a train at midnight to go clubbing, and the album's closer seems to situate itself on a messy dancefloor at about eight o'clock the following morning.
We've all been there really haven't we? Keep it in your brain-box when you listen to it. The boy you copped off with early is copping off with someone else and continuing to give you the eye. You have a poppers headache, and there's a stale taste in your mouth even though stopped drinking a while ago. LISTEN TO THIS MOTHERFUCKERS:


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