Monday, 19 April 2010

Big Gay Monday: Bittersweet.

Before I begin this blog, I'd like to start with an apology. I haven't done Big Gay Monday for a few weeks now, which I'm sure you agree is very unfortunate. The first time I forgot about it, it was because I was out having the best night of my entire life. If you're reading this and you were there (ie. you are Catherine or Laura or Emma or Rachel) it feels like ages ago now, doesn't it? But it wasn't really. Either way, it was amazing. Catherine and I sang Britney Spears's Overprotected on karaoke and not only cleared the dance floor in the Bank Bar, but actually cleared the entire bar.

The following Monday I was out again, which turned into me coming home at 8.30 in the morning. I originally wrote an apology blog explaining my predicament, but when I proof-read it I realised it sounded a lot like I was bragging about my "wild" night, which is something I hate people doing even though I am a Ke$ha fan, however I now feel enough time has passed that it is alright for me to tell you about my late night escapades with Catherine. It was fantastic. It culminated in us stumbling out of Aspers Casino at 6 in the morning, deciding to go for a walk along the Quayside to watch the sunrise only to discover that the sun was already up and we had wasted our time.

My love is bittersweet.

And so, all apologies aside, it's back to Big Gay Monday business. Except it's not really, because all I'm going to do is post a YouTube video of the song I can't stop listening to at the minute. The song is relevant to Big Gay Monday though because:

1) It is by Sophie Ellis-Bextor who them gays like.
2) It is produced by Freemasons who are also "liked by gays".
3) It is called Bittersweet, a sentiment gays can really appreciate like the ending of The Wizard of Oz or the breakdown of Britney Spears.
4) It is the sort of song that you listen to the first time and go "it's shit" (something gays love to do)
5) After this initial "it's shit" approach to this epic song, you quickly come to your senses and then can't stop listening to it on a constant loop until you have a breakdown (something else gays love to do)
6) While the song practically hands poppers to you on a plate- don't worry folks, it's perfectly possible to enjoy this song without the assistance of amyl nitrate.
7) It sounds like this:

It is the sort of song that Powerhouse was erected and opened for. Digital is all well and good, bopping away to Vampire Weekend and the like, but is it going to play a number like this? No it bloody well isn't (although on aformentioned "home at 8.30 - ohmigodyouguyzz we are, like, totally willllld" night Digital did play Bad Romance so Catherine and I got to do the routine for a whole new audience of unappreciative indie kids who found the playing of Bad Romance ironic, much like when the DJ at Powerhouse puts on B*Witched except I'm willing to throw my hands up and say that B*Witched are not a guilty pleasure they are a fantastic musical group).

And that, my friends, is the end of this week's Big Gay Monday. Come back next week when there will be another one. Or maybe they won't be. We'll see, shall we? WE! SHALL! SEE!

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