Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Life Through A Lens.

Put the effing camera down.

I saw Mika live last Wednesday night. We all know Mika don't we? He's not a very popular man these days, ever since he got in his rancid old pants and started dancing around the place in what can only be described as a career-ruining move of Rudebox proportions. People think he's a product of record company bigshots and people think he's fake and people find his music annoying and childish and find him to be a bit of a creep who should act his age. And some people just get their jollies from comparing me to him, which is odd as I really don't see the resemblance these days.

You can say what you want about Mika as a person, but as a performer it can't really be disputed that he is a big ball of energy. He is fun and hyperactive and he is something to behold. Even if you're not a fan of Mika, or even a fan of pop music, I'd still recommend checking out one of his gigs if ever you get the chance because you really will have a blast. What annoyed me a lot was that, looking around, most people's eyes were on the cameras and screens in front of them rather than Mika himself. In the packed-in crowd, there was no bustle, no dancing, no real excitement. Because everyone was stood completely stationary so their videos didn't get blurred. Exactly what people hope to do with these videos once they have been filmed is beyond me. I will never understand why people would pay so much money to attend a gig and then, rather than experiencing it first-hand, spend their time watching it on a tiny screen in front of them. People are too focused on taking photos and videos and stuff to actually enjoy things for themselves.

While I am as guilty as gurning for the camera in a bar or club as anyone else, the more I look around when I'm out and about town the more I can see people all over the place taking photos of completely mundane things. I'm all for taking photos of everyone dressed up for someone's birthday, or funny group shots, or moments that you're going to want to remember when alcohol may prevent you from doing so. But taking photos of boring moments to put on Facebook and pretend you're having an amazing time is ridiculous. Why are people living for fake moments like this to make their lives seem interesting to people whose opinions don't even matter rather than just concentrating on enjoying themselves?

Last night was Lady GaGa. Lady fucking GaGa. Unfortunately the crowd weren't quite the "little monsters" that Lady GaGa chats on about, instead there were a bunch of Skins-watching rah kids with lightning bolts face-painted on their cheeks. As GaGa played Speechless on a piano spouting Armageddon-esque levels of fire, four teenagers in front of me stood taking pictures of themselves. This really was a spectacle, there was fire and GaGa was singing her little hermaphrodite heart out and these girls were taking pictures of themselves. What is worth photographing when you're in your seat? I can appreciate taking one or two photos beforehand to remember the excitement, but surely there is no need to be photographing your reaction to a spectacle like a Lady GaGa concert rather than just immersing yourself in it.

I suppose the point I'm trying to make here with this somewhat disjointed argument is that really someone should organise some sort of camera-less revolution. We spend so much time taking photos and looking at other people's photos and posing for photos and deleting photos that soon we won't need to actually remember anything for ourselves anymore. But that's shite, a photo is all well and good but you can't really see what someone's thinking in it. You can't really see how they feel. And so, to sum up, put your fucking camera down and get a life, love.


  1. People who constantly take photos at gigs are one of the main things that boil my piss these days about gig-goers. It's just behind people who go to a gig just to hear one song (probably the only one or two that got popular for a bit), and look bored for the rest of the gig. I think I've told you about the appauling crowd at the Goldfrapp gig who danced a bit for Ooh La La and Number One, then chattered loudly for the rest of it.

  2. Eeeh speaking of Goldfrapp have you heard their new song? IT COULD BE BETTER.

    When I went to see Amy Winehouse someone actually held their camera in front of my face so they could get a better picture. I put my hand over the lens.