Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Big Gay (Not Quite) Monday: MessyCarla

I missed Big Gay Monday this week (apols) because in the time I have spent in the past writing my usual pile of twaddle, I was out with Carla in the gay scene. I thought this to be a sign and thus this Wednesday's Big Gay Monday is all about wor Carla.

Karaoke queens.

Carla writes a fashion blog called Messy Carla: A Fashion Blog In A Size 16. It is a bloody successful thing, and since its launch Carla has been invited to Fashion Week on the back of the blog, started a brand new baking blog and become a centerfold in a local paper (not in that way, which is a shame because she does have a cracking pair of stonking big breasts). More importantly, though, Carla has everything you need if you want to be a raging gay icon. She has a filthy sense of humour (think Miriam Margolyes), dresses unconventionally (hence the bloody great fashion blog she's got going for her) and, as previously stated, truly has a remarkable pair of breasts. I'd post a close-up of them but she's something of a respected figure nowadays and I don't want to drag her down to my level.

Living proof that opposites attract.

Above all that though, Carla knows as well as anyone what it feels like to be an outcast and when you are an outcast there are two things you can do. Run away and hide or rise above it. If you have read her blog, it's obvious which option Carla picked.

And so ends this blog where I kiss Carla's arse. I am not the first to kiss it and I will not be the last.



  2. and i KNEW what Miriam Margolyes clip that was going to be before i even clicked the link!!! <333