Monday, 29 March 2010

Big Gay Monday: Lady GaGa.

This is perhaps a slightly obvious choice for Big Gay Monday, but it was Lady GaGa's birthday this week so it seems only right that she be the focus of this week's Big Gay Monday because she is arguably the biggest gay icon on the face of the Earth at this moment in time.

With hairspray and denim, boys boys boys. We love them. We love them.

Lady GaGa is not exactly quiet in her support of gay rights and has claimed in many interviews that she is a sexually free woman who refuses to label her sexual orientation. Over the last few years lesbianism has become quite trendy, and a way of getting straight men to gawk at attention-seeking women. In her new video, Lady GaGa is seen kissing a woman in the Prison For Bitches but it's not the playful, exaggerated lip-lock we've seen with the likes of Britney and Madonna in the past. The woman she's kissing is not exactly alluring to straight men, she's got a butch haircut and impressive biceps. This is the sort of lesbianism you won't find in Loaded magazine. It's almost as if Lady GaGa is giving lesbianism back to the gay community after the Katy Perrys of the world have tried to claim it for their own. Thanks to Lady GaGa the biggest hit of the last 12 months is an anthem about bisexuality, and she was seen marching in the National Equality March for gay rights in America, as well as giving a now-celebrated speech (which she described as the high point of her career) and performing John Lennon's Imagine as part of her campaign against homophobia.

"God bless the gays".

On a much lighter note, GaGa encompasses everything I love about being gay. She is over-the-top, extravagant and flamboyant. Her music is loud, in-your-face and, more importantly, guaranteed to have you running to the dance floor. She single-handedly brought back swirling pop music to the mainstream (where it belongs, obviously) and her dress sense has influenced everyone from Madonna to Christina Aguilera. Four UK number ones can't be wrong, can they? She is fashion. She is pop. She is shallow and yet so deep. She is not so much a gay icon as an embodiment of gay life in 2010. Listen to Love Game. Listen to Boys Boys Boys. Listen to Just Dance. The Lady knows what she's talking about. If that wasn't enough her celebrity chums include Elton John, Perez Hilton, Madonna and Beyoncé. She's not exactly shying away from the gay maffia, is she?

I'm a free bitch, baby.

On her Monster Ball tour Lady GaGa performs Boys Boys Boys and calls on her "gay boys" in the audience, dedicating the song to them. Never was it more apparent that Lady Gaga knew exactly how to make her beloved gay fans happy than when out trotted scantly-clad boys in jockstraps and boxers to dance alongside her while the audience shouted the lyrics along with her. I've already said this on the blog once before, but it really did make me proud to be gay for that song which I presume was the desired effect of the performance. Watching hundreds of gay faces mouthing the same words along with each other made me feel like I was a part of something big at a time when there is not enough unity within the gay community (blah blah blah he's ranting about there being no unity in the gay community again).

And so I take my hat off to the biggest star in the world on the day after her 24th birthday. Lady GaGa is incredible and long may she reign.

MY TOP 3 GAGA (of the last 3 months)

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