Monday, 8 March 2010

Big Gay Monday: Ke$ha.

"It's a filthy hot mess".
"Look out!!"
"Well I don't want to alarm you but..."
"Just say it!"
"Well...I think there's someone over there having fun with their music..."
"Fun, yes."
"But that's not allowed!"
"I know!!"

Come along now, people. Let's give Ke$ha a break, shall we? Every review you read of her these days she's being slagged off for being artificial and a product of record company meetings and being insincere. I think it's time to wake up, people. This is what pop music is all about. Pop is short for popular. Record companies know what's popular. Ergo, they know what they're talking about. It's not like she's been picked off the street and forced to sing these songs about *gasp* enjoying herself against her will. She writes her own music, she performs live and, to be honest, she seems to live the life described in her songs.

"Somethin' 'bout boots and boys. They bring me so much joy. I wear 'em both so pretty as I walk in the city".

I think people's major quarrel with Ke$ha is that she's describing a lifestyle usually reserved for rock 'n' rollers over a pop music beat. At the end of the day, Lady GaGa can win as many awards as she can and sell out arenas all over the place but pop music is just never going to be credible. Ke$ha does not claim to be a smack-head slut with a pierced clit and a different woman sat on her face every night. The song does not go "Woah I'm a coked up mess, watch me I'm so outrageous". It goes "Woah, it's a party at a rich dude's house. Woah, it's a party at a rich dude's house." And it is brilliant. It is not necessarily high-brow or world-changing but it's fun. Why do people have such a problem with singers like Ke$ha who sing about having a good time? Why does music always have to have a message, an underlying image or some subliminal meaning? Why do people feel the need to justify music that's just fun and nothing more?

"The party don't start 'till I walk in".

Ke$ha's on this week's Big Gay Monday for two reasons. First, I wanted to have a go at clearing her name because her album really is fantastic. It's not going to cure AIDS and it's not going to end wars but it is going to make you feel good even if it is just for an hour or so. More importantly though, her music is about going out and having a dance and making a tit of yourself IS THIS NOT THE GAY WAY OF LIFE?? I think it is. Moreover, Dancing With Tears In My Eyes is a one of those big dance songs that also make you feel really sad as it is so tragic, in the nature of With Every Heartbeat and Call The Shots which I'm quite sure is the very making of a gay anthem, is it not?

And so, to sum up: is Ke$ha actually hurting anyone? No she is not. So shut your bouche. Or, as Ke$ha herself would say, "stop ta-ta-talkin' that blah blah blah". Genius.

Check out: TiK ToK, Party At A Rich Dude's House [a poor performance I'm sure you'll agree, sorry about that], Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

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