Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Life According To Twitter.

Cheryl and Ashley Cole are no more. It's a big deal. Here's what people on Twitter are saying about it:

How lovely. She gave Ashley a second chance all those months ago, which can't have been easy for her, and he blew it. It's easy to point the finger and say "she should have left him the first time he cheated on her" but at the end of the day we do not know what goes on in other people's marriages, and it's not for us to judge.

Eeeeh! Fly your Cheryl flag high, I say.

I see what you did there. The song is called Fight For This Love and it goes "We gotta fight fight fight fight fight for this love". Thing is though, you had one "fight" too few in your tweet. Also, she did fight pretty hard for "this love" to the extent where her first solo single was all about fighting for love rather than going out and having a good time or similar. Overall, a C+ Tweet.

You're pleased to say that you have no idea who the most famous woman in Britain is? Really?

You're right, love. Cheryl Cole fans are gonna be shouting their love of her from the rooftops. I predict you're not going to be able to move for Team Cheryl tops for a brief period (me obviously having my finger on the pulse and all that) and it's generally going to be a brilliant time to be a Cheryl fan. I'm quite excited for the upcoming weeks when I see tweets like this.

Facebook humour. I love it.

Correct, Antony75. Rhyming is fun. Rhyming about Cheryl Cole is the most fun of all. Brilliant stuff. Top notch.

This is all well and good, andyecfc. But I will fight you to the death for her. And I will win. We have got to fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight for this Cole. Do you get it? Because that is the song.

If you'd like to read any more inspired tweets from atticvs then here are a few about some of this favourite topics: fluffy kittens, sunshine and rainbows (if there's one kind of racism homophobia I love it's ultra-subtle racism and homophobia. Lovely.)

You could argue that the above comment was worth tweeting, I suppose. But you would be wrong.

You're right. There just aren't enough stories about expenses scandals and Gordon Brown beating up his staff, if you ask me.

Here's hoping, love. If truth be told, vikkistone, I'm hoping that your naps are somewhat powerful for celebrity gossip, and next time you wake up Cheryl will be beating a car up with an umbrella. Or she'll reveal that she's pregnant. Go, go! Sleep, sleep!

You can say what you want about Geordies but we bloody well stick together! nomii90, I do not know you but if ever you see me in Powerhouse remind me to get you a drink.

I must say angeloys, that was both big and clever. Well done, you.

Dannii Minogue gets it wrong again.

The only tweet on the subject really worth reading.

And finally, because they always say to leave 'em laughing...

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  1. Maybe Carla can tell us if "team tweedy" tops will be high-fashion and spring's top buy, or just another chav mistake to go with the "council estate princess" crystalled leisure suit....

    Not that I have either, you understand, if you look at the glory that is my dp, you'll see why....