Monday, 22 February 2010

Big Gay Monday: Rihanna.

Alright folks, I'm starting something new. It is called Big Gay Monday. I'm reluctant to share this information with you in case it does not stick but so far I've stayed faithful to the Silly Old Daniel Celebrity Roundup even though realistically unless your name is Cheryl or something unpronounceable that you've had to replace with an adapted Queen lyric so you can appear commercial enough to be the biggest pop star in the world the mundane goings on in your life barely qualify as celebrity gossip.

So I'm trying out Big Gay Monday. And every Monday I'm gonna have a chat on about someone or something which, as a bum bandit, is of interest to me. Moreover, I'm gonna chat on about things that I believe that you, as the reader of a blog written by a bum bandit, should be interested in also. You with me? Big Gay Monday? Let's rock.

Being a gay icon is not necessarily about surrounding yourself with topless men and rambling on about how shite AIDS is all the time. We all know that AIDS is shit, Annie Lennox has already driven the point home for us. If you ask me, being a gay icon is about showing strength, retaining dignity and making lemonade when the world has replaced your lemons with handfuls of shite. It was Rihanna's birthday this week, and I'm sure you'll agree that in the past 12 months she has made more lemonade from pure shite than anyone else in the public eye, and thus is the focus of the first ever Big Gay Monday.

There's so much power in my name.

Chris Brown did something really shit to Rihanna. It was brutal and it was heartless and it was humiliating. Before it all kicked off, Rihanna had just had Take A Bow and Disturbia in the charts. Following the attack she could have chosen to backchannel on all of that, become a recluse and come back a year and a half later with a ballad about being wronged and vulnerable. She could have but she didn't. Instead she showed the world she had balls (not literally, of course) and had the sides of her hair shaved off. A subtle gesture, perhaps, but it was her way of showing everyone who was in charge. It was her way of showing who was making the decisions from thereon in. It was her way of showing the world that she wasn't taking any more shite.

They can say whatever, no pain is forever.

Consider the dignified silence Rihanna has kept ever since the attack. Admittedly she's started opening up more recently (she told Jonathan Ross she was hoping she could help young girls who were also victims of abuse) but has still never spoken distastefully, or actually shown any hostility towards Chris Brown. Who is obviously a dickhead. Let's suppose for a minute though that it wasn't Rihanna who was abused. Let's pretend it was Katie Price. Imagine the media circus, the interviews, the endless photoshoots of her looking moodily out at you from an OK! magazine cover, cradling her children and giving her usual cliché soundbytes to the journalists. There was none of that from Rihanna. She channelled it all into her work.

There's so much power in my name.

Moving away from all that bullshit, Rihanna is generally just mint. For starters, she's pretty much the only successful artist in pop music at the moment who isn't copying Lady GaGa move for move, and dancing to her own beat which is quite refreshing. Her fashion choices are always controversial (I must confess I do not always agree with what she wears) and her unique hairstyle is constantly being mimicked by popstars and bloggers alike.

No one was expecting a song like Russian Roulette when Rihanna announced her comeback in 2009. She burst back into the spotlight with newly bleached hair, clad in barbed wire. Considering her last album featured songs like Don't Stop The Music and Umbrella, it was something of a shock for Rihanna's new lead single to be such a serious ballad. Rihanna is one of those people who get people's attention no matter what she's doing, and that's what makes her such a star. She may not be the best singer, the best dancer, the best performer. But she has got that something that makes her a real star.

Those who doubt Rihanna's potential as a gay icon need merely to watch this:

Four albums, two number one singles, three Grammy awards, three MTV awards. All this, and let's not forget that Rihanna is only 22 years old.



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  1. Chris may be a dick (in your opinion), but he's still way more talented than this fake. There's nothing original about her. If this is the next gay icon, ugh.