Thursday, 14 January 2010

I Wish It Could Be Monday Everyday.

I have been back at Uni for four days now. Except, as it turns out, I didn't have any lectures today or on Monday. So of the four days that have passed since the start of the term, I have only had lectures on two of them. And yet, I am already sick to death of it and mourning a time when I could go out on a night and sleep off my hangover until 3 in the afternoon, which in itself is ridiculous because Catherine and I went to Powerhouse on Monday night, despite having an exam the next day.


So really, if truth be told, all that I am particularly missing is a time when I could say "I have ages until this deadline" and put off doing the actual work that comes along with the so-called "student experience", but unfortunately I have arrived at the time when my deadline is tomorrow and I can no longer afford to waste time updating my Facebook and making myself cups of pear tea. I have to actually do some work.

What's annoying me most, though, is not the work itself but the fact that the work I'm doing is completely pointless. Things like my French portfolio or my Journalism Critical Evaluation (which, if we're being honest, I don't wholly understand) aren't actually contributing to my life in any useful way, they are not giving me any life skills and they simply make me resent University even more than I already do, which stresses me out and means I have to do things like spending an entire evening on Facebook, putting The Fame Monster on just to calm myself, or writing blogs like I currently am.

And so, rather than finishing this news story about people getting pissed and ruining the reputation of the North East of England over Christmas I am going to bask in the events of Monday night highlights of which included:
  • Starting off an Avril Lavigne singalong in a chip shop.
  • Coming back from the toilet to find Catherine in the smoking area with lesbians circling around her.
  • (Bizarrely) Uttering the phrase "no, no, rape is not the way to go" to a confused lesbian in the toilet.
  • Bad Romance (understandably) being on in every single place we went to.
  • Seeing the world and his wife.
  • Following Catherine into the toilets every two seconds.
  • Apparently being strangled by a handsome stranger:
  • Catherine hollering "HOT SHOT MAN!!" at the topless man selling Apple Sourz every time she required some.
And highlights of which did not include:
  • Depressingly telling Catherine at the end of the night "I AM SO HIDEOUS", thus casting a shadow over the fun we'd had until this point.
Aside from an overly emotional (drunken) finish, which was soon resolved post-singalong, it was a very enjoyable evening.

Obviously having fun-- I'm almost smiling.

And now my loves, I must finish the news story I am writing for my assignment. As I am such a devoted Journalist, this story features interviews with top names including my sister, my supervisor at the Dogs and- best of all- someone my mam knows who was in a bar where there was a fight on New Year's Eve (even though she didn't actually see it for herself).

Flashfoward 30 years and I will obviously be Piers Morgan 2.0.


  1. you, sir, are the complete opposite of 'hideous.' ilu <33 xx

  2. AWWWWW thank you Carla. You are LOOSH haha x

  3. your mamma told my mamma you're not coming to sarah's? GUTTED! i wanted to have drinkies with my danielface <333 xxxx

  4. I know Im gutted, but have to work unfortunately :( If it's any consollation, I'll be extra horrible to the people I'm serving. Of course I would have been anyway, but yknow :p x