Sunday, 31 January 2010

An ode to lying in until 3 o clock in the afternoon.

I have been off University for the past two weeks (excluding going in last Tuesday for a French exam wherein I was ridiculous and answered all the questions in French when they should have been answered in English which resulted in a two-minute dash at the end of the exam where I scribbled everything out and had to do it again. Quel idiot, non?) I'm back tomorrow for actual work again. Saying that, I'm collectively in for 9 and a half hours a week over the next semester, and then I'm off for, like, months so I can't really complain that much as there are children sewing footballs for a bowl of rice and illegal immigrants having phones flung off them by Naomi Campbell for a living.

I am nonetheless filled with dread for getting up in the morning, as for the past few weeks I have taken to lying in bed watching my Friends and Weeds box-sets until the early hours of the morning and not getting up until the mid-afternoon. It will be a shame to leave this lifestyle of complete laziness and sloth behind me, but I'm only in for an hour on Mondays which means I can get myself to University and be back home and lying in bed for 12 o'clock. Fantastic stuff. God help me when I actually have to start writing news stories and assignments again.

I must say, though, it will be nice having- at the very least- a reason to leave the house every day as I must admit that, with most people being at University or on work placements or not being in the area anymore, I've been going a little bit stir crazy sitting around the house with nothing to do. Conversely, I'm not looking forward to my new Wednesday 9.00am start which means I'm going to have to start getting up at 7.00am which I know could be a lot worse blah blah blah, but it's still pretty shite.

I'm now going to cease writing as I'm watching Valkyrie and historical films are difficult enough for me to follow as it is, especially when I am half-focused on trying to find a point to the blog I have started and therefore must finish. Mind you, Tom Cruise is looking as lovely as ever in this film.


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