Monday, 25 January 2010

Catherine and Daniel Could Write A Bad Romance.

Now then. Why was there an umbrella?

I appreciate that my blogging has been a bit lacklustre as of late, but this is still a new blog so bear with me, let me get back into the swing of things. Catherine came over on Friday night and we took some funny videos on Photo Booth with the intention of putting them on this very blog. Unfortunately, watching them back they are too embarrassing (not to mention somewhat offensive) to actually put on YouTube. This was largely due to an unintentionally large amount of vodka happy Cosmopolitans and rosé wine consumed over the course of the evening, which culminated in me eventually throwing up all over my bathroom floor.

And so, rather than showing you aforementioned videos, here are some snapshots from them until I can get over the embarrassment. Evidently there was something of a Bad Romance theme over the course of the evening:

Fun times. However, this fun was contrasted later during the previously mentioned sick incident, which has forced me into the decision that in the future I am going to cut down on the drinking, because there is nothing attractive about someone who gets pissed, makes an idiot of themselves and then projectile vomits everywhere, and I do not want to be one of those people.

Tomorrow I'm going into Sunderland to buy tickets for Jimmy Carr and The Rocky Horror Show (fuck me, imagine those two together. What a combo). Tickets for P!nk at the Stadium of Light are also being released on Friday, so perhaps there is some hope for places like Sunderland after all. I wonder how long before people start adding The Customs House to their national tours...


  1. i knew that picture of david and joe was going to pop up before i even clicked the link xDD

  2. lmao it's one of my favourite photos of all time, it goes down in history alongside Bald Britney beating the car up with the umbrella and Michael Jackson dangling the baby over the balcony in my book :p x